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Clairol Nice n Easy Frost N Tip Streak Kit Reviews

Nice 'n' Easy Frost N Tip Streak Kit
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Clairol Frost & Tip provides ultra precise blonde highlights you want. A lot or a little. It contains expert cap & hook for easier, more precise highlights. Just put cap on and with hook pull strands of hair through holes. More holes means more highlights. As simple as that!

The pack contains Highlighting Powder, Developing Crème, CC Colorseal Conditioner, Highlighting Cap, Mixing Tray, Highlighting Spatula and gloves.

• Ultra precise blonde highlights
• Same great shade
• Permanent color
• For light blonde to medium brown
• Expert cap & hook.

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Nice 'n' Easy Frost N Tip Streak Kit

Clairol Nice n Easy Frost N Tip Streak Kit Reviews


Overall rating:
22nd April, 2020
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Clairol Nice n Easy Frost N Tip Streak Kit

I used this when I was trying to go back blonde years ago because the bleach in it was said to be strong - it came with bleach powder. I also have used it when attempting streaks. - I gave up on using the streaking cap that comes with it and hook. I suggest getting a friend to help you for sure! Results are good the bleach works they have changed the box packet and I'm assuming it still comes with bleach powder. It also came with a plastic tray to mix. I ended up just brushing through parts free hand and applying directly as a normal hair dye the times I used it. Using it as a direct hair dye bleach was not recommend by the company and this will be because the bleach and developer are strong and could snap your hair any bleaching leads to weak and hair breakage anyway but if your hair is already porous it's not a good idea to bleach. I'm only giving it 3 stars for use again because I don't think hooking your hair out with a streaking cap is easy to do and getting even results is not easy either of your doing it yourself. Definitely get a friend or or aunty or mum to help you! If you have already coloured your hair alot previously them your streaks are probably not going to be as light - a toner will help you get warmth out of your streaks so they will look less yellowy. I don't recall this coming with a toning shampoo or conditioner buy it does come with an after colour conditioner. It's up to you how many streaks you want but if your hair is quite long and thick you might want to get two boxes and I think a good mixing bowl and applicator / brush is ideal the stuff in the box to prepare and apply isn't very good or professional looking. Other than that it's not bad. I haven't actually used many other streaking Kira so it's not easy to compare to them but this brand of hair colour usually is 'nice and easy' to use. You need to ventilate the room too as your working with smelly bleach or do the process outside. Do not leave it on too long or your hair is more likely to break off. Not as simple as it claims to be.

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