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L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss - Ebony Black Review

L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss - Ebony Black Review
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An innovative formulation for a colourant that gives a healthy looking glow - without ammonia. How does it work?

Casting Crème Gloss is a hair colourant without ammonia that offers both optimal coverage of first greys as well as rich & super-glossy reflects.

Casting Crème Gloss is a non-drip crème formula which is enriched with a patented conditioning complex. This helps to protect the hair fibre inside & out for satin soft hair. After colouring the new conditioner enriched with Royal Jelly leaves colour looking revitalised with a glossy shine.

Casting Crème Gloss is our latest generation of ammonia-free non-permanent hair colour; it has the benefit on an innovative technology which
- blends away greys
- gives a shimmering, rich & luscious colour result.
- a super glossy shine.
- colour that lasts up to 28 shampoos.

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L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss - Ebony Black Review

L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss - Ebony Black Review


Overall rating:
4th August, 2015
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Best non damaging hair dye for my damaged hair

I am one of those people that dye their hair likes there's no tomorrow, I bleach it until its unrecognizable, I use heated tools to change the style almost every day, and looking back I am so surprised that I still have a head of hair.

The last style attempt completely ruined my hair, I had gone from red, to mermaid colours, then bleached again to a caramel blonde, when I had enough of trying all the colours I dyed it back to black with a permanent dye, sadly after 2 months down the track, the dye started fading, my hair that was supposed to be black was brown to black all over, and redyeing it with a permanent would make it worse.

That's when I found this is Ebony black at my local farmers, I thought because it was a semi permanent it wouldn't be so harsh and it will still get the job done.

Mixing this together was easy, it has a pleasant dye smell which doesn't overpower in my tiny bathroom. Once I applied Vaseline to my hair line, I went in with the dye, starting at the roots and then going from the middle sections all the way to the ends.

I found the formula quite watery, too much product and the dye ran down my forehead. My hair is just past shoulder length and there was still a third left after I had dyed all my hair.

I like how it took a while for the colour to change, so once I was finished covering my hair with dye I could go in with a wet washcloth and wipe away the excess dye.

I wrapped my hair in gladwrap and waited for 30 minutes, then I rinsed it out in the shower and applied the conditioner which smells so good! I left it in the for 10 minutes while I washed myself and shaved my legs.

After letting my hair dry naturally I couldnt believe how shiny my hair looked, my hair looked and felt so smooth and silky. And there was no added damage to the ends of my hair.

I am highly impressed with this dye, and its crazy that its been 2 months and this semi permanent dye has lasted longer than the permanent dye I used before this.

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Overall rating:
23rd July, 2015
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I am all about Black Black Black at the moment and am in the process of trying out different colour blacks. That is when the Ebony Black in my fave hair dye brand came to my attention. Get in my trolley!!! I paid $17.95 for this one but I find paying this amount of money for a dye that I love is better than paying $120 for my already very short hair to be dyed in a salon. I love the shape of these boxes, they are not the mundane same old shape like every other at home hair dye so it stands apart from them already without even opening it.

Dip inside and you find the usuals.....developer, gloves, instructions, and conditioner. I rarely read the instructions now because I have my own way I like to dye my hair. I have used this brand before so I see no need in doing a spot test like I normally would if I were using a new brand. As always the gloves are too small so I keep my own on hand (excuse the pun) for such occasions. I do this with not washed hair because it tends to stick in to my hair better if it's not newly washed hair.

I start at the roots and work the dye in to all the roots and leave on for ten minutes. Once ten minutes it up I apply the remaining dye and work it through the lengths making sure I get good coverage. I put a shower cap on top to help the colour intensify (just my thought). Once twenty five minutes has passed I rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear then use the enclosed conditioner it comes with.

I leave my hair to dry naturally so I don't interfere with the process with a hairdryer or straightener. The colour is very intense and definitely holds true to its name. It's as black as a black piano key. Fast forward seven weeks and it has faded only just enough to see my roots so the stay power is unlike any other dye I have used up to this point. Even the licorice colour I had in this brand didn't stick to my hair as long as seven weeks. But I am assuming it was because I applied on newly washed hair. The only complaint besides the small gloves is that it can be very drying on my hair but I remedy that with a hair mask. I am in love with this brand and will be buying again and again and again.

Tips: Use a shower cap to help set the colour better

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