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Garnier SkinActive Rescue Mask Volcano Review

Garnier SkinActive Rescue Mask Volcano Review
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A new generation of face mask combining Volcano rock and Clay. This self-heating clay mask minimises the appearance of pores for a smoother looking skin in just 10 minutes. Paraben free.


Availability Leading supermarkets, variety stores and pharmacies

Website Garnier Facebook Page

RRP: $3.99

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Garnier SkinActive Rescue Mask Volcano Review

Garnier SkinActive Rescue Mask Volcano Review


Overall rating:
15th March, 2019
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3 Minute Mask Works

Purchased recently at Countdown during a Garnier sale for $3. I had used another Garnier mask recently that had a negative reaction with my skin so was a bit hesitant to try this one.

Mask is pinky/peachy colour. Pleasant smell lightly botanical. Creamy consistency that doesn't dry down like traditional clay masks. Warm on application, but doesn't get any hotter after applied. A 3 minute mask which is easy to remove with a bit of warm water. Skin appears less oily(I have oily skin), clearer and softer.

This mask was a lot more gentle than I was expecting. A lovely mask which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I also like that it isn't a long duration time and still has good results. Only reason i'm hesitant to repurchase is due to the CF status. However, if you like a quick, gentle cleansing mask I would recommend this.

Tips: Doesn't seem like a lot of product in the pouch, squeeze up evenly from the bottom to get it all. There is no rip tab on the pouch you will need scissors to cut it open. Can use fingers to apply but I like to use a foundation brush for a cleaner application.

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