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Shiseido Yane Hake Precision Eye Brush Review

Shiseido Yane Hake Precision Eye Brush Review
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A unique chiselled "roof" shaped brush that is ideal for any eye application requiring precision and detail.

Chiselled shape brush offers greater control for precision detailing and definition with cream, powder, and gel eye color formulas.

  • Hand crafted by Artisans in Japan.
  • 100% Synthetic Fibres.


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Shiseido Yane Hake Precision Eye Brush Review

Shiseido Yane Hake Precision Eye Brush Review


Overall rating:
22nd February, 2022
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Such a useful brush

I wasn't sure about this brush initially, as I have lots of flat and angled brushes already, but something about the design intrigued me. The bristles are firm but soft (definitely not scratchy) and it comes to a very fine, graduated tip. It's nice looking and feels good in the hand. I'm so glad I bought this brush, as I've found it useful for so many things. I use it for shading in eyebrows with powder and pomade, and cleaning up with concealer underneath (and above if wanted). It's perfect for smudging out the lash line (top & bottom) and I think it would be great for contouring the nose and for tidying up lip-liner or concealing around lips. I was recently looking at an eye 'finishing brush' that was quite pricey when I realised it's quite similar to this one which I already use to clean up around the edges of my eyeshadow. Overall I'm really happy to have this brush in my collection. It's reliable anytime I want a thin, precise line or need a small firm brush.

Tips: A quick antibacterial spray and swipe on microfiber cloth and it's ready to go again.

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