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theBalm Overshadow Review
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theBalm Overshadow Review

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theBalm Overshadow Review

Express yourself with beautiful and sparkling eyes with theBalm’s Overshadow - The Sexpot Series. It consists of four shimmering mineral powders which enhance the appearance of eye shadow for that glamorous and sultry look. Each swatch also has four unique shades which easily blend to create a dynamic effect for an evening night out. A proven quick fix solution, this product will surely make you stand out in any scene.

Pack Size: 0.57 g.

RRP: $25.00

Availabaility: Sephora, Online



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Overall rating:
15th April, 2018 at 11:37 am
2 members found this review useful
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If you're rich, I'm single

I have this is the shade "If you're rich, I'm single" which is a mauve/pewter shade. To me it's brown but I'm not that great with the subtleties of colour.

It comes is wee screw top pot like other mineral eyeshadows you would have used before. It's not a style of container I like all that much as I find it quite messy but I guess that's what you have to expect with mineral powders. I think that's the only reason I haven't given this a 5/5 rating as there can be a bit of fallout and it's clumsy to get the product out of the pot. Fallout could be because I use this dry, not wet.

I use this over neutral/brown eyeshadows and find it gives the most beautiful shimmer that lasts all day at work I.E 8 hours, any longer and it starts creasing and you can't notice the shimmer.

They say to stay away from shimmer when you're over 40 but this eyeshadow is so finely milled it just works for me. It's not like wearing gaudy glitter on your lids at all.

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Thanks for your review, I’m really excited to try this

I'd never heard of an over-shadow! It sounds wonderful.


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