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The Balm Brow Pow Review
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The Balm Brow Pow Review

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The Balm Brow Pow Defeat your “arch enemies” with this brow powder that packs a punch!

Whether your target is bold and brazen, or soft and natural, use with an angled brush to capture the elusive brow.

With 3 neutral shades to choose from, this brow powder is travel-friendly and ready for action!

Conquer any brow crisis and defeat your arch-enemies with this long wearing brow powder from theBalm cosmetics. Whether you’re aiming for brows that pack a punch, or want to capture a soft and subtle look, Brow Pow is ready for action! With 3 neutral shades to choose from, you are bound to find the sidekick you’ve been looking for…

RRP: $29.00

Availability: Beauty Bliss, Selected retailers, online



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Overall rating:
15th July, 2017 at 10:47 pm
2 members found this review useful
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Pigmented brow powder

Having been impressed by other The Balm products that I have purchased, I decided to give their Brow Pow a go when I found it on sale. I am quite fair, so I purchased the Brow Pow in Blonde.

As always, The Balm have quirky, 50s retro packaging. The Brow Pow comes in a small cardboard flip palette with a matching cardboard sleeve. The palette has a small mirror. The brow powder itself is the size of a small pot of eyeshadow. It does not come with a brush.

Before using the Brow Pow I had been using a light brown eyebrow pencil with a wax ingredient on my brows . Using the brow powder is a bit more fiddly as I cannot apply it directly like with a pencil, but must apply it with a brush, like eyeshadow for the brows.

It is quite pigmented. You do not need to apply a lot of colour in order to see the effect. Just a little makes my brows noticeably darker, and the Blonde shade is ashy enough to look natural.

It stays on well and lasts all day. My only reservations are that the product is quite small for the price, especially since it does not come with a brush. I am not sure yet if I would purchase it again unless it was on sale.

Tips: The powder does not hold the brows in place, so you will still need a clear wax or gel over the top to stop the hairs from straying.

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Thank you MareeB!

I was wondering how this would work! great review Siouxsannah :)


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