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Little Mix Press-On Nails Leigh-Anne Review

Little Mix Press-On Nails Leigh-Anne Review
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Little Mix with Elegant Touch. An exclusive collaboration Little Mix press on nails by Leigh-Anne - perfect for giving your night out style a fun and quirky update.


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Little Mix Press-On Nails Leigh-Anne Review

Little Mix Press-On Nails Leigh-Anne Review


Overall rating:
26th November, 2018
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Playful Design But Doesn't Last

Got this nail kit in the last vault. Like the colours, they are so vibrant and playful. Easy enough to apply with the little stickers, then you press the correct fitting nail on top. Got a lot of compliments too which is always nice. These nails didn't last 2-3 days before I lost a couple of them on my holiday away which was a shame. After 6 days i had 8 of them still on but it just didn't look right so took them all off. I recommend these nails for an event as they will last that long but not for multiple days.

Tips: After each sticker and nail application, make sure to press down firmly around the edges of the nail.

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