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Braun Xmas

Haute Gel Nail System Review

Haute Gel Nail System Review
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Haute Gel Nail System Let your nails shine! High-gloss gel polish works together with the Haute Polish Smart LED light to give you a fast, easy, long-lasting gel manicure. Three unique shades offer a variety of options for flawless, fabulous fingertips.

What You Get

  • .35 fl. oz. Gel nail polish - Classic Red
  • .35 fl. oz. Gel nail polish - Grapa (purple)
  • .35 fl. oz. Gel nail polish - Mink (gray/brown)
  • Smart LED light
  • AC adapter
  • 24 Cleaner/Finisher Wipe Pockets
  • 48 Gel Remover Wipe Pockets
  • Nail buffer
  • 10 Detailing wands

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RRP: $99.99

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Haute Gel Nail System Review

Haute Gel Nail System Review


Overall rating:
8th September, 2014
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Turning lemons into lemonade

I got this package on a cheap deal - and I'm glad I did. Used on it own, with its own nail gels its pretty aweful.. mainly because the colours are so sheer. However.. it makes them super shiny and glossy. My solution is to layer the gel with normal nail polish and it looks awesome!! Because the haute nail polish is so sheer its perfect for the ultimate hard wearing sheer gloss.

You can also buy other brands of gel polish and use with this system

Tips: Use the haute nail polish as a bottom and top coat, with normal nail polish in between for a longer lasting amazing gloss!

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