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Rimmel The Only One Lipstick Review

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick Review
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A no compromise ALL IN ONE lipstick
Long-lasting colour, comfort, moisture and wear

• A no compromise all-in-one lipstick that is challenging the lipstick history.
• The perfect balance of high impact colour, moisture, all day comfort and staying power
• Slanted lipstick bullet for an effortless application


Availability Farmers, Pharmacies and selected retailers


RRP: $16.99

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Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick Review

Rimmel The Only One Lipstick Review


Overall rating:
22nd March, 2019
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Rimmel The Only One Lipstick ‘You’re all mine’

A very nice creamy soft moisturising lipstick with vibrant colours. I have this in the shade of ‘You’re all mine’, which is a lovely bright pink colour. I just love the name. I’m not a big fan of lipsticks with floral scents, but better than having those with a bad taste.

The texture is amazingly soft and creamy that i only need to dab it onto my lips gently. It just melts onto your lips. It’s very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t dry my lips out completely, it doesn’t have flakey deposits, nor does it amplify the dry-look of my lips. The colour spreads really well once you press your lips together. A full swipe gives an intensive colour. A bit of stain does sit in my fine lip lines, but the creamy texture doesn’t make it that obvious.

It looks wonderful in full lips as well, but due to the intense pigment, and it’s easy-spreading consistency, i don’t recommend applying too heavily, as the colour does smudge easily. So try not to go over your lip line, which will smudge if you’re not careful enough when wiping. And oh yes... you wouldn’t want pink or red smudges around your mouth like you’ve just eaten a bunch of hot chillis.

With this lovely lip colour, I feel there is not much need to touch up again for a while, unless you feel a bit dryish or after you had a meal. After all.. It’s not completely transfer proof, so it will leave a stain mark after a cup of water.

If your lips does feel dry, dab on a bit of lip balm (or a tiny bit more lipstick if you wish). Once you press your lips together, it livens up the lip colour, while your lips are nice and hydrated again.

Overall, even though the colour is not completely transfer proof, it’s lovely moist, comfortable, creamy formula, together with it’s beautiful lasting pigment, I think this lipstick is worth it’s price.

Tips: To prevent smudging, i do find it better to just blot it gently with a piece of tissue or something after you put it on, which will leave you with a pretty lip stain. Then just dab a bit more onto the centre after that. Although blotting it does lose a tiny bit of the stain, but the colour stay of the pigment is actually quite good.

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