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Colorpop Ultra Glossy lip gloss Review

Colorpop Ultra Glossy lip gloss Review
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Ultra Glossy Lip Provides extreme shine with a cushion-like feel and no stickiness! This gloss smooths and conditions the lips and leaves them looking fuller and healthier.

Metallic Full-coverage gloss with a mix of pearl and metallic finishes

 Pack Size  2.4g


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Colorpop Ultra Glossy lip gloss Review

Colorpop Ultra Glossy lip gloss Review


Overall rating:
20th September, 2018
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Lipgloss is Popping!

I did a large colorpop order last year and in my lip bundle pack I had a lipgloss in it called Contessa. I wouldn't normally go for lip gloss but I didn't mind giving this on e a try.

Packaging come in a clear see through tube has the colorpop labelling on it . At the bottome of the tube has the name of the gloss , I had Contessa from the Karuche Collab collection. This gloss is like a sparkling gold colour opaque in colour. Has a smooth glossy finish . Not sticky like others I've tried in the past.

Application seems to glide on easily. Easy to put on . I find it does wear off with eating and drinking . Definitely need to touch up here and there through out your day.

Overall price wise its really affordable. At the moment the exchange rate isn't looking too good at the moment hence why I haven't made another order. I can see myself trying other gloss in the near future.

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