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Designer Brands Lash Primer Review

Designer Brands Lash Primer Review
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Designer Brands Lash Primer This innovative product primes your lashes for mascara! To max your mascara, this builds and nourishes lashes so that they are thicker, fuller and longer-lasting. It works to repair and renew lashes with its high-tech formula infused with antioxidants. Free of talcs, bismuth and parabens. CCF and Vegan Certified.

Zig-zag primer brush from base of lash line, working your way up to the ends of lashes. Follow with your favourite DB mascara.


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Designer Brands Lash Primer Review

Designer Brands Lash Primer Review


Overall rating:
6th February, 2016
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Designer Brands Lash Primer

We all love amazing lashes and a lot of us will try all sorts of things to achieve this.

I have only ever used mascaras and saw this in a pharmacy and thought I would give this a try. It was around $10.00 which was affordable.

I followed the instructions and was hoping for great results after I applied my mascara but alas, there was no difference. I used this for a full four weeks and didnt notice any change in my lashes at all. I just wanted thicker, fuller looking lashes but just didnt get it.

So, quite disappointed with this product which is a shame because I have a few Designer Brands products and find them to be pretty good to use.

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