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Celine Dion Sensational Review

Celine Dion Sensational Review
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Celine Dion Sensational Review

Celine Dion Sensational captures the essence of a star.

Multi-dimensional and sparkling, the fragrance has the power to hold the spotlight and captivate an audience.

Sensational is a fresh and vibrant fragrance containing notes that build a bold, dazzling scent.

Pack Size 30 ml.


Availability  Selected Farmers stores, department stores and online


RRP: $20.99

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Celine Dion Sensational Review

Celine Dion Sensational Review


Overall rating:
2nd January, 2015
1 members found this review useful
Gorgeousness in a bottle

I'm a sucker for anything pink, and the colour and shape of the bottle does everything for me. I'm terrible at describing scents, but I love everything about this one and I always get comments and questions about what it is even I'm wearing it. The only bad thing is that I'm almost at the bottom of the bottle!

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