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Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder Spray Review

Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder Spray Review
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Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder Spray Review

brownish hair powder

Where do you think the name "powder room" came from? (no joke)

For chocolate, mahogany and chestnut brunette.


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Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder Spray Review

Bumble and Bumble Brown Hair Powder Spray Review


Overall rating:
16th December, 2017
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Highly Effective But Messy

I love B&B products, and their dry shampoos are my favourite. I have natural medium brown hair, so thought I would give this a go.

It definitely takes out excess oil between washes. It definitely adds texture and volume. I was so impressed with how it performed in those two areas! There is also a generous amount of product given.

The aerosol spray is very... forceful. A heap of product came out all at once which kind of took me by surprise. It also means you can't target specific areas... you just have to aim it as best you can and go for it.

The main issue is that because the spray comes out so strongly it ends up getting all over your forehead as well, and even on clothing. DO NOT spray this while wearing a white shirt. I have to either wash my face or use micellar water to clean my forehead after use.

Despite the problems above, I have still given this a high rating because it really is effective as a dry shampoo.

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