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Britney Spears VIP Private Show Reviews

Britney Spears VIP Private Show Reviews
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Addictive blood orange dances with succulent red apple and delicious mango nectar for a burst of lush sweetness at the top. At the center violet blossom flirts with a gorgeous bouquet of orange blossom and magnolia to create floral femininity. The fragrance ends with applause thanks to a sensual blend of raspberry wood, golden amber and velvet musk.  "Private Show celebrates one of my biggest passions. dancing, and I'm so excited to take the fragrance to a more personal place with VIP Private Show!" said Britney. `It's inspired by the personal, intimate feeling of putting on a show, where it's just you and the audience."

Pack Size 30ml, 50ml, 100ml

RRP $45 - $79

Availability Farmers and Online


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Britney Spears VIP Private Show Reviews

Britney Spears VIP Private Show Reviews


Overall rating:
20th September, 2018
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My secret shame

One of my secret shames... I absolutely love this perfume and a couple of the other britz spritzs!

This is my absolute favourite of her collection though. At this price I can overcome my shame of being a 30-something year old totally tripping for a Britney Spears perfume.

It’s the prefect blend of fruity and floral. You can definitely smell the mango note which is delicious and it also means the other notes aren’t too overpowering either - especially considering it does have a hint of musk to it.

It’s a lasting scent when worn and I get asked a lot what I’m wearing.. I shamefully tell them. Being a scent I love and the fact others have liked the scent brings me back to this as I don’t feel like I have wasted money. There’s nothing worse than buying an expensive perfume and being disappointed.. thinking I might as well have brought a can of cool charm.

This is so much nicer than just the private show version.. spend the extra money and get the VIP version.

The bottle is nice - it looks quite expensive - beautiful shaped, pretty pink solution, sparkly lid - really well presented. Not tacky like curious or fantasy.

I have a few perfumes and this is one I would repurchase. It’s affordable, a decent sized bottle, gorgeous bottle and smells amazing.

Tips: Get the private show VIP version not just the private show version.

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