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Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Reviews

Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Reviews
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Sweet fruity and irresistible floral notes of the new edition cuddle the skin and make fantasies come to life. Composition of Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition opens with fruity zest of litchi combined with the elegant scent of violet leaf and sunny lemon. Airiness originates from ozone notes which cool down and refresh the floral heart encompassing lily of the valley and elegant jasmine, with a hint of gourmand chords of brown sugar and animal chords of genet. The base is warm, comfortable and creamy, decorated with a blend of vanilla, heliotrope, Laos benzoin and sensual white musk. 

Pack Size 50ml

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RRP: $59.00

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Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Reviews

Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Reviews


Overall rating:
23rd October, 2018
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Deliciously sweet!

I bought a sample of this perfume, not expecting much. I hadn't looked into the size, nor the smell, so when it arrived and the sample was generous, and it smelled amazing, I knew I had to get my hands on the full sized one.

The bottle is the same shape as a lot of Britney's Fantasy range, the only difference between any of them is the coloring (and of course the smells!). This one is white with pink gems, and to me its far more striking than any of her others.

The smell is different to any others that I've used. It's like pure sugar!! I love sugar. In saying that though, it also smells quite fruity, but I can't place my finger on it. It dries down to be quite musky, vanillary, sweet. It's really nice. It sticks to my clothing and smells amazing, and as for lasting time, while I can't smell it anymore, I know it lasts a good few hours as the potent smell, before drying down. Delightful!

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