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Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Imperial Brown Review

Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Imperial Brown Review
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Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist is a home hair colour enriched with professional anti-breakage technology Omegaplex. It delivers long-lasting colour intensity and perfect grey coverage, while protecting and reinforcing the hair bonds. Omegaplex prevents damage and breakage, and provides long-lasting colour retention.

Availability  Supermarkets, Pharmacies and The Warehouse


RRP: $19.99

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Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Imperial Brown Review

Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Imperial Brown Review


Overall rating:
2nd September, 2019
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Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist Imperial Brown

I have used this colour in my hair the last 2 times. Came across it in the supermarket read what it said and gave it a go. The colour is amazing! It is quite dark and lasts longer than any other colour. I have just purchased this colour for the third time.

I will be keen to try the other colours though and maybe see what the lighter colors are like in my hair.

Am really happy with how my hair looks and feel and the conditioner you use after the 3 weeks gives it an extra boost.

Recommend to anyone for a good supermarket colour :)

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