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Miraculous Facial Oil
Miraculous Facial Oil

Apicare Product Reviews

Honey and Herbs is a New Zealand company that was founded in 1992. For many years prior to that I had been making skin care products using natural ingredients from our beehives.

In 1992 I attended the first of many trade shows with the original Apicare products – honey, beeswax candles, Gardener's Handcreme and two honey soaps. Shortly after that trade show my husband Chas (the beekeeper) joined me in the business. From that original tradeshow and those few products Honey & Herbs (N.Z.) Ltd have developed an extensive range of natural skin care products using active Manuka honey

In 2005 our daughter Justine joined the Honey & Herbs team. Justine is a qualified physiotherapist with an interest in cosmetic science and formulations, and is working on developing Apicare products.

We have also created a honey store which is based in the Auckland suburb of Onehunga and is a specialist honey store selling both our skin care and a selection of New Zealand honeys direct from the beekeepers.

Our skin care products are manufactured here in New Zealand and are based on the healing power of Manuka honey.

All the Manuka honey we use in our skin care has been tested by an independent laboratory and certified as being active prior to being added to our formulations.

We are proud that we were the first company in the world to use Manuka honey in skin care and then first again in using Active Manuka honey in skin care. Pam Reade