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Your Guide To Banishing Beauty Boo-boos!

5 April, 2021 - 06:09am by - Head Pixie | 8 Comments

By BR Amelia

Ever made a beauty boo-boo and had no idea how to fix it? Perhaps your mascara has landed on your lid not your lash? Or your blusher has taken on a clown-like appearance? Or the glitter eyeshadow you applied to your eyelid has migrated down to your cheeks... and sparkly fairy was not the look you were going for.

Well, we're here to banish the beauty boo-boos with these simple tips and tricks! Read on...

More caked on than baked on.

It can happen to the best of us. You start with a little foundation, add more, more, and just a little more. Concealer next. Followed by a little bronzer, blush and highlight, oh, and a dash of powder over the top. Next minute, it looks like if you hit the back of your head your face would fall off. Thankfully this is an easy fix! Grab a setting spray and spritz away as this will help the powders melt into the skin. If things are still looking like you've dipped your head into the flour bag, simply take a damp sponge and bounce it on your face, smoothing and blending the areas that are most affected.


You're applying mascara, it's looking good, then your nose tickles and before you know it you've sneezed your way to lots of little black mascara dots around your eyes. DON'T immediately go in and try to remove them as this will cause mega smudging. Instead, wait for them to dry, then take a cotton bud and spin it round and round to remove the mark. 

Those panda eyes though...

If your mascara has well and truly smudged and you need it fixed NOW, grab your trusty cotton bud, pop a little moisturiser on it, then use it to clean up the mess. (Bonus tip - if you're out and about a square of toilet paper folded over a couple of times and a dab of moisturiser works just as well!)

Creasing cream eyeshadows.

If you find your cream eyeshadow likes to crease, the question to ask yourself is... did you set it? A little translucent powder can work wonders from stopping a cream eyeshadow creasing!

Wonky cat eye clean up.

Achieving one perfect cat eye is hard enough, achieving two can feel impossible! But it's doable, even if you make a wonky booboo. Take a cotton bud, dip it in makeup remover, squeeze out the excess, then swipe the cotton bud where you need to straighten or even things out. 

Welcome to the circus!

A little blush here, a little blush there, next thing you know you're a clown everywhere! If you've applied too much blusher and can't face removing all your makeup in order to start again, there are two ways you can go about toning the colour down. If powder blush was used then buff a little setting powder over the blush until the colour is more natural. Used cream blush? A little BB cream, or foundation mixed with moisturiser, applied over the top will send that clown face packing!

Oil be damned!

Ever looked in the mirror half way through the day and found yourself not with a J-Lo glow but with an oil slick on your face? No blotting paper on hand? No problem! If you're really in a jam, a sheet of toilet paper patted over the oily areas can help remove the excess sebum. 

Glitter, glitter everywhere! Sigh...

Glittery eyelids always seem like such a good idea... until it drops all over your cheeks and you find yourself picking the sparkle out of your pores for weeks to come. The fix? Scotch tape. (Even better - if you have it on hand - is that soft, gentle first aid tape.) Simply loop it so the sticky side is facing outwards, then gently dab it on your skin to pick the glitter up.

And just like that your beauty boo-boos are sorted!

So, are there any other beauty boo-boos you'd like us to help out with? What are your tips and tricks when things go astray on makeup wearing day?

Chat below!


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15th April, 2021

I’ve done it all and still go out lol that’s where I learn my mistakes lol

11th April, 2021

Some days it's better just to wash your face and get back into bed!

7th April, 2021

Cotton buds are amazing for cleaning up make up mistakes I use them everyday.Mascara transfer is so annoying and I have gone through so many mascara brands to find one that doesn't do this,still looking!

7th April, 2021

I keep an old spoolie from an eyebrow pencil to brush down my (grey) fly aways during the day. A little water on the bristles helps too.

6th April, 2021

Yes my cotton buds are so helpful for my little makeup mistakes! Good article thanks

5th April, 2021

Mascara transfer seems to be a problem for me of late. Pharmacy told me there arent many waterproof mascaras on market. A Natio one I recently bought seems good but think im allergic to it as it irritates my eyes will test it again though to be sure!

7th April, 2021

I have the same problem. I’ve heard the new Benefit Magnetic Mascara is really good for this. I’m definitely going to try it .

7th April, 2021

I use an extra dab of powder above and below my eyes, thus really helps, later in the day I do it again

5th April, 2021

I usually dip a cotton bud in micellar water to fix any mistakes.

5th April, 2021

I’ve pretty much tried most of these. One thing that’s been annoying me a lot is mascara transfer . I never used to get it but lately it’s been my problem.