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Does your foundation last all day?

15 August, 2018 - 09:26pm by - First Lady | 121 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

I'm so excited about the latest trial product to hit BRHQ that I'm just gonna jump straight in!

We're looking for reviewers to trial Revlon's ColorStay Full Cover Foundation.  

All together now.  Squeeeee.

The Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation is a shine-free formula made with water, not oil.  It has a matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours. It promises comfortable wear that moves with your skin, so no caking, drying or weighing you down.  It's easy to apply and blends seamlessly and the time release technology balances the skin for a continuously fresh look.   

To put your hand up to review the Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation, click here and take our quick survey telling us a bit more about your skin.

When you've done that, why not comment below and tell us about your current foundation; what benefits does it bring your skin?  Do you have issues making your foundation last all day?  Do you find long-lasting, full coverage foundations live up to their claims or are you forever touching up?

And don't forget, if you are picked for this trial you'll need to send us your shade selection within 24 hours of the invites, so it might be worth checking out the range in store, just in case!


Does your foundation last all day?

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Perfect timing for me. I'm in desperate need of a new foindation. With combination skin this sounds like a great match. Not too oily since it's water based and not drying. Plus it's not cakey but stays put. Just what I need!

Sounds great! Just what I need! Haven't find one that can actually last me all day. Also with my combination skin type. It sounds like a perfect one for me!

This trial would be perfect as I’m needing to try a good foundation as I’ve only been using B.B. creams lately. They are fine but the coverage isn’t very good and of course it doesn’t last all day. I start work at 7 and some nights I have meetings till 6:30pm so it would be great if my foundation is still looking flawless. I’m a bit sceptical so I would love to be amazed with this one.

Same same.. When i come home from night shift duty and look into the mirror.. i can see all the lovely freckles staring back at me.. hahahaha

20th August, 2018 at 3:20 pm

I’m sick of foundation problems retouches and cover ups this sounds amazing in reading about this foundation I’m thinking it would be perfect for me.

I currently use the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. It definitely lasts all day, with no need for a touch up. However, it is pricey and I have noticed it draws attention to dry patches and can cause breakouts. I would love to try a cheaper foundation - like the revlon, that has the same affect of lasting all day. I am also interested to compare the formulas, and find out if the revlon one doesn't draw attention to my draw skin, and doesn't cause me to break out

I also use the double wear but you are so right! It is expensive. But nothing else works, so we have no other options. I hope this will be just as good but less pricey

25th August, 2018 at 8:59 am

I have so many foundations, some of them last all day, some don’t. I think I am a foundation addict, I just love them. :)

I have been trying so many foundations lately, none have had the coverage I need

I would love to try this as revlon colorstay liquid foundation has been my holy grail for over 8 years now ! I am finding my t zone gets quite shiny by the end of the say so would like to see how this formula compares!

Always have loved Revlon products! As a Flight Attendant, it's hard to keep up with my forever changing skin. Would definitely be keen to try this!

Sounds like it would be great to try! Mine cakes on my dry patches and rubs off on my oily patches.

I’m still looking for my holy grail. I have combination/oily skin which swings more towards the oily side. The tend to use fairly light coverage foundations these days because every full coverage foundation I’ve used has ended up looking like a train wreck by the end of the day. It separates where I’m oily and clings to my dry patches accentuating every bump, pore and line. I’d love to trial this and see if Revlon works for me!

I would love to try this new foundation as I have just ran out of my old one and the timing is just perfect. I would love something that lady the entire day and it just matches perfectly on my skin tone.

I’m currently using the Clinique foundation and concealer in one foundation. I do enjoy the formula but it does fade quickly and I have so have some light acne scars so I need to touch up often.

Would love to try a foundation that suits my skin type and will last all day without becoming shiny

Im really needing to try a matte foundation, Im sick of turning into an oil slick especially around my t-zone!


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