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You Won't Believe Which Condiment Is Rocking The Hair World!

10 April, 2019 - 08:35pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Tabatha

The best foodie condiment out of all the foodie condiments? Mustard. It's zesty, flavourful, packs a punch. Way better than tomato sauce and it pips creamy, tangy mayo at the post.

Don't agree? Fight me.

Jokes. I'm a lover not a fighter.

Mustard is pretty darn fab though, and now there's another way to enjoy it. Introducing... mustard hair.


Mustard hair's the blonde we didn't know we needed. Heck, if sunshine could be infused into hair, this is what it would look like. It's bright, brilliant, and bloomin' beautiful. 


While the northern hemisphere will see this as the perfect summer shade, we think mustard hair is a fab way for those brave enough to try it to brighten up the cooler months. Bonus? This is the blonde shade where you won't have to worry about brassiness!


I'm just a touch (incredibly) obsessed with bishwithbangs' particular take on mustard hair. It's modern, cool - a total standout. And it showcases one of the things we love most about mustard hair - it looks great with untouched roots, which means no rocking up to your hair stylist every five minutes for a touch up. Winning!

So are you on board with mustard hair? Or will you be sticking to putting mustard on your hotdogs? Chat away!


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12th September, 2019


24th August, 2019

Not loving this trend

18th June, 2019

cute, but I'll stick with my green hair :-)

22nd April, 2019

I think it looks gorgeous but definitely not a shade I suit sadly.

21st April, 2019

Yeah, naaaaaaah. Definitely sticking to mustard in a hot dog.

17th April, 2019

So if we have blonde hair I guess we just don't tone it and let it go brassy yellow does that count?

15th April, 2019

It's actually really cool! I think I'm a bit past it to rock it though hahahahaha

14th April, 2019

Love them all just not sure I could pull it off

13th April, 2019

Bright colours look great for a couple of washes but then fade really quickly... I think you'd end up looking like you've simply got brassy hair or a bad blonde job sadly!

12th April, 2019

Nice colour, but yellow would probably not suit me.. hehe =)

12th April, 2019

I don't know, I'm trying to picturing it with my skin tone and I just can't. So maybe a pass on this one.

12th April, 2019

Not a fan of mustard hair, it gives me brassy hair déjà vu.

12th April, 2019

I really like the first picture. The second picture reminds me off both mustard and tomato sauce. The light red highlights, that's a no. It's quite a cool colour on hair but I feel like it wouldn't suit me.

12th April, 2019

Not my fav at all. I don't like having lighter hair. Suits others though. But nope I just not really liking the colour at all sorry.

11th April, 2019

I don't like it, I tried lightening my hair with sun in when I was young and the colour looked like this! It was horrid