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You Won't Believe What's Going in the Vault!

19 July, 2021 - 06:17am by - Head Pixie | 25 Comments

by BR Kellie

If there's one word in the beauty world that inspires excitement it's 'restock'.

There's nothing like getting your hands on something you missed out on, something you need, something you desire, something your heart and soul sings for. Which is why we are hugely excited to announce the Beauty Vault is being restocked!

The warehouse pixies have been busy as bees counting stock, arranging it, loading it onto the site and updating numbers... not to mention swooning over the products that YOU will have the chance to get your hands on. Products like these...

We're talking nail polish, foundation, cleanser, serums, products for your brows, your lashes, your lips! BIG ticket items like the one seen here...

All in all, there's OVER $20,000 worth of cosmetics, skin care and styling products going into the Vault! OVER 1000 products! And there's something for everyone! Including...

See something you like? Now's the time to search your stash for products you've not reviewed yet and get reviewing! Accrue those points so you can get your hands on some well deserved pretties!!

So... are you excited for the Vault restock? Do you see anything you need or want? 

Chat below! (And don't forget - comments earn points too!)


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31st July, 2021

5 mins to go. I hope I can get the Linden Leaves oil ...

30th July, 2021

Exciting, some nice products in this vault.

30th July, 2021

I'm still here, reviewing and commenting like crazy trying to reach enough points by tomorrow! Ah, fingers crossed I make it! I've never owned a hair dryer which is ridiculous considering my hair almost reaches my knees, so that's what I'm eyeing in the vault!

30th July, 2021


30th July, 2021

Nice how exciting

26th July, 2021

I'm very excited! I missed out on what I wanted last vault so I'm pumped to see what's in it this time :)

24th July, 2021

YESS super excited!

24th July, 2021

So happy I have saved some points, time for some serious shopping

24th July, 2021

Super excited! I'm going to go on a review spree beforehand to boost the points I've been saving! I have my eye on a hair tool...

23rd July, 2021

Cannot wait, been saving my points :)

23rd July, 2021

Handy tools... masks.. face oils... and serum for my dry skin is what i usually look for. Would love to see small vials of perfume sprays in here some day.

22nd July, 2021

This will be my first time - looking forward to the vault opening - be like a kid in a sweet shop

21st July, 2021

So excited for the restock, I’ve been saving up my points

20th July, 2021

That Mellow lipstick!

19th July, 2021

Ohhh is that a Vitamin C. Exciting.

24th July, 2021

I'm looking forward to a vitamin c serum, fingers crossed

24th July, 2021

I have a couple of mellow lippies, I love them

27th July, 2021

I've had one of their liquid lips in the past and adored it. It's my fav brand for liquid lippies.

9th August, 2021

I hope you got everything you wanted :)

9th August, 2021

I got some great products - thank you :)


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