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You Won't Believe How Easy It Is To Find Your Perfect Shade!

8 August, 2017 - 10:45pm by - First Lady | 29 Comments

by BR Natalie

Hi, I'm Natalie and 80% of my 100 lip products are nude.  I don't know if it's general reluctance to wear anything bright, or sheer stubborness to find the perfect nude for me.  Either way, I have a serious nude stash and it just won't stop growing.

Anyhoo, Wet 'n' Wild launched last week, and as Kellie is on a self-imposed shopping ban, I took one for the team and headed off to check out the range.  10 products (7 of them lip products), a nipple flash and a whopping $46 later and I was ready to go home and play with my new goodies.

Say what?  The ridiculousy cheap haul?  7 new lippies? Oh, right, the nipple flash.  Well how else was I supposed to find my perfect nude lipstick?!

Haha.  AS IF!  No, I do not flip a nip in the middle of the store when lipstick shopping.  But according to some, erm, experts, that's exactly what we should be doing.  Well, maybe not exactly, but in theory anyway.  

Yes ladies, the answer to the eternal quest of 'What is the perfect shade of nude lipstick for me' has in fact been right in front of you (-r boobs) the whole time.

The perfect nude lipstick shade for you is the colour of your nipples.

This bizarre revelation came about on The Doctors (don't judge me, I spend a lot of time online and stuff just pops up).  There wasn't much talk to the theory behind the claim, other than 'nature knows best' and who are we to argue with such logic?

So, in the interests of, well, satisfying my curiosity really, I'm going to put this to the test - but one woman does not an experiment make.  Anyone game to give it a go with me? If it helps Wet 'n' Wild lipsticks start at $3 and there's a varied shade you know, it's not a 'spensy experiment.  And erm, if you get busted for accidental nippage slippage, don't tell them I sent you, Queenie will tell me off.

What do you think?   Are your nipples the key to your perfect nude lipstick?  Does this make sense to you and are you curious like Nat, or do you think this is all a bit odd?  Have you found your perfect nude already?  Does it match your nipples?  

Get chatting below!

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It makes sense but I can't see us all out there flashing our nipples just to get a nude lipstick -Great article and a good laugh to start the day. Thanks Natalie.

That does make sense actually! I'm not sure quite how to put that into action all the same.

Makes sense to me... but i think I'll rely on my memory lol

It does sound odd but makes sense. I'm definitely going to look for my shade and test the theory out. They'll be no flipping the nip though .

this could get the men folk more interested in beauty purchases - lol!

Just took a sneaky look at my nipple at my desk at work LOL Does make sense I guess......might have to do some boob swatches when I get home to see if I already have the right shade in my stash :P

Haha this is great there is video on youtube where Buzzfeed employees take this to the test and find lipsticks that match the colour of their areola and they all approved it worked! So interesting, I love a good nude!

I was taught that to find the perfect nude lippy, you compare it to the colour of your inner lip. I have stuck with this as I only do nudes...hehe that cracked me up...juvenille!

That sounds easier to do in a shop!

9th August, 2017 at 8:06 pm

Hehehe, yes...definitely! (.)(.)

10th August, 2017 at 3:28 pm

So umm... anyone keen to go nipple swatching at Farmers? I suppose a less risque way to do it would be to swatch a bunch of shades on a piece of paper then compare at home.

Hahaha this is gold. Helpful but not very practical

Nope. There was an experiment on this with multiple women trying this theory and it only worked for some. And yes I heard of this and tried this theory before my nipple shade is not a color I like for my lips.

It sounds so credible but in practice this one gets a big hell no from me! My areola is much, much lighter than my lips (almost skin tone) and then my actual nipple is the EXACT same colour as my lips... in which case I think pointing to my lips is easier than whipping out a nip in store lol!

I have heard of this one before but mine change colour since breast feeding

I recall this discussion

I heard this - and done this but I don't like my match!


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