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Would You Try A Breast Milk Mask?

26 July, 2021 - 06:00am by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Kellie

One of the many things no one tells a new mum is that babies can have an acne breakout. Mine did and the advice I was given was to dab some breast milk, as it has antimocrobial properties, on the zits to help the breakout heal. Which I did. Once. Then didn't bother again because I figured it'd resolve itself. Which it did. Eventually. What no one tells you to do when your baby has an acne breakout is to create a breast milk face mask and apply it to your baby's face.. but that didn't stop this TikTok mama who on seeing their child having a flare up of baby acne,decided to do exactly that.

When my mum friends and I saw the video the first question we asked was... 'but, why?' ... followed by a bunch of questions:

'Why make a mask and soak it in breastmilk when you can just dab breastmilk onto the spots?' 

'How did she even get the baby to stop wriggling long enough to get the mask on?'

'Is that baby going to end up with some kind of mask phobia? Or an unexplainable paranoia whenever they get a zit?'

Turns out the reason the mask making mother did it was because she was bored, curious, had time on her hands and decided to give it a go. Fair enough, mama, fair enough. So did it work? In a follow up video it seems that it did with the baby's acne appearing reduced. Which makes me wonder... If it were possible for science to harness the power of breast milk to create masks to help heal pimples and acne, is it something people would embrace? Or is the idea of putting a breast milk mask on your face when you're not a baby, and it's not your breast milk and you're an adult a bit gross?

So we thought we'd take the question to you, our Beauty Review community... If a cosmetic chemist could create breast milk infused masks that were guaranteed to help heal acne, would you give it a go? Or is it a hard pass?

Hit up our poll and let us know your thoughts below!



Would you buy (or make) a breast milk face mask for your baby? Or yourself?

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31st July, 2021

Ah Tik Tok, just when I thought I'd heard it all.

31st July, 2021

Yeah, I'd probably give it a shot.

30th July, 2021

Yeah I’ve put it on conjunctivitis it etc so why not haha

27th July, 2021

No. If it's your own milk i'd still think it weird and understand but no thank you.

27th July, 2021

Haha probably not - it just grosses me out even though I know there's nothing wrong with it, just a knee-jerk reaction.

27th July, 2021

Dont think i fancy this idea im too old for babies now - but if it works go for it

27th July, 2021

Since I have a diary intolerance I think I would pass. Purely because what you eat can be passed through your milk. Therefore I think I would be heavily restricting myself. Plus I'd rather see spare breast milk was given to babies in need.

27th July, 2021

I'd do it with my own breastmilk, but probably not someone else's. Breastmilk is like a wonder cure for you own babies - I'm sure I read somewhere that your breastmilk can change properties based on what your child needs to stop illnesses etc - pretty amazing stuff really!

26th July, 2021

LOL! I'm easily icked out so if I'm honest, I'd be a nope. No problems if it was my own breast milk though. What a wuss, I know! :)

26th July, 2021

So this one is out of the box. I'd give it a go. It's full of goodies for a baby so it must be full of goodies for my skin. Breast milk can help stop gummy eyes and infection so why not try it on my face. Yes I would give it a go.

26th July, 2021

No way! Never having had children the idea of this just doesn't gel with me.

26th July, 2021

I'd probably give it a go, it's not like it's chemicals like everything else!! And I also just happen to have some in the making :)

26th July, 2021

Lol yes I would! I just happen to have some brewing:-)

26th July, 2021

I would probably try it - it's only breast milk! Not poison haha

31st July, 2021

Yes, you can be the BR guinea pig for this one!

28th July, 2021

Yay congrats. Same! How far along are you?

31st July, 2021



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