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Would You Spend A Small Fortune On A Butt Mask?

10 May, 2021 - 06:13am by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Tabatha

It's not often I find my jaw dangling in shock, but recently as I meandered through the interweb to see what the beauty world had to offer, I stumbled upon a butt mask that cost as much as my last fancy steak dinner and thought... wow, really? Forty dollars and some change to get a super fresh looking butt? Truly?

Cue the jaw dangling.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love bums. I think bums are GREAT. All shapes, all sizes, they're glorious! I don't want to out myself as a butt watcher, but it's been known to happen. HOWEVER... while I understand spending time exercising in order to keep a bum in shape, I don't know that I could justify spending good money on a butt mask when the only person who sees my bum on the regular would be... me. And my significant other maybe once in a blue moon. Or less.

So what did said butt mask proclaim to do? What made it worth the $40+ it was asking? Well, if you were wanting to plump, tighten and refresh your bum, all while hydrating AND reducing your bum's fine lines (WHO KNEW THAT WAS A THING?!) this was the addition your body's skincare regime needed.

Amazing. And the size of said mask? 30 grams. Now, I can't speak for everyone, but 30 grams of product wouldn't last long after being spread upon my bum, which is why a butt mask that costs more than a trip to the movies WITH popcorn, drink and M&Ms is a hard pass from me.

So, do tell... would you be willing to spend the kind of money that would get you a fancy main at a 5-star restaurant on a butt mask? Or would you rather put that money towards skincare where you'd see the results on the daily?

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Would you spend a small fortune on a butt mask?

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15th May, 2021

No I wouldn’t . My purse strings won’t stretch that far lol

14th May, 2021

Bahahahaha.. No. Surely you could just go to the mud pools in Rotorua and spend less than that covering your whole body with clay? Considering it is covered most of the time seems like a waste to me.

12th May, 2021

$30 for a mask? For your bum? Mmmm.. no lol I could buy a normal clay mask and do the same, sure the results might not be the same buuuut its basically the same thing lol

12th May, 2021

If it was a one off that would give amazing results in one application I might consider it for my partner as a treat

12th May, 2021

Hilarious! If I were gifted it, sure, I'd give it a shot. But I'd rather spend the cash on my face. Or the movie and popcorn :)

11th May, 2021

Yeah I definitely would give it a try!

10th May, 2021

I’ve spent my money on worse yeah, I would most likely buy this haha

10th May, 2021

Hahaha that’s very true!

10th May, 2021

Hahahaha, that is brilliant. It's a big no from me. I'll stick to looking after my face, thanks!

10th May, 2021

Lol I probably wouldn't.....well maybe just once lmao

10th May, 2021

Yeah I’d be willing to give it a try, why should our butts be left behind!

10th May, 2021

Nup.If I had serious cash I'd start with my face! I'm in denial about the parts of me that I can't see ...

11th May, 2021

Agree Maree!