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Would You Rather Review Argan Oil or Coconut Milk?

4 June, 2020 - 09:05pm by - First Lady | 111 Comments

poll posted by BR Amelia

If there's one brand of shampoo that you know will smell incredible, it has to be Herbal Essence right?  Whenever I'm shopping for a new shampoo or conditioner, I have to give them all a whiff! 

The new Herbal Essense bio:renew range tick all of the boxes for someone looking for natural but affordable skin care.  

They contain no:

  • BHA
  • Coal Tar Hair Dyes and Other Coal Tar Ingredients
  • DEA
  • Mineral Oil or Parafins
  • Added Pthlatates
  • Parabens
  • Colourants
  • Egg Derivatives                       
  • Milk Derivatives
  • Gluten
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Soy Derivatives
  • Fish or Shellfish

As well as the NO list, Herbal Essence bio:renew are certified cruelty-free and the ingredients are 90% Naturally Derived!  Each ingredient is rigorously tested to ensure that it is good for you.  90% Naturally Derived means that plant derived materials, mineral derived materials and water, all of which undergo limited processing, make up at least 90% of each bio:renew formula.

Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner: experience the multi-layered scents of fizzy citrus, exotic spices and creamy vanilla.  These pH balanced products are formulated for damaged hair and help restore hair smoothness. 

Herbal Essences Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner: experience the multi-layered scents of vibrant coconut, a bouquet of white florals and vanilla.  This moisturizing shampoo is pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair.

As part of our Hair Care Trial Team-athon we're putting together two panels of reviewers to take the new Bio-Renew products out for a spin.  One team will review the Herbal Essences Coconut Milk, and the other the Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco.  Each member of these review teams will receive the full sized shampoo and conditioner to use and report back on.  

So, if it sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, put your hand up today!   It's easy, simply tell us about your experiences with Herbal Essensces.  What's your favourite scent for shampoo and conditioners?

Would You Rather Review Argan Oil or Coconut Milk?

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22nd July, 2020

I love argan oil in my hair care products. So I am totally putting my hands up for this one.

20th July, 2020

I would love to try the new coconut milk Herbal essence shampoo and conditioner ,I am always up to try new products , I have the pomegranate shampoo and condition set at the moment.

17th June, 2020

Argan Oil sounds amazing

15th June, 2020

I saw this brand with other scents at cracker jack's! Two for 6 dollars in their mailer. There's a cucumber one that smells very similar to the Garnier coconut water hair care

12th June, 2020

Coconut milk sounds amazing! Always keen to try something I havent tried before

12th June, 2020

Love the coconut vibe and let's face it, closest I'm getting to the Islands for a while

11th June, 2020

Argan oil would be my preference, the smell of coconut does nothing for me at all.

9th June, 2020

Argan oil sounds good would love to try it

9th June, 2020

Coconut milk for sure! Years of colouring/bleaching has left my hair so dry & damaged. Love these products are cruelty free too!

8th June, 2020

The ends of my hair get super dry, so coconut milk would be perfect for me!

8th June, 2020

Argan please!

8th June, 2020

I'm discovering Argan Oil's properties in many products so am very interested in this review

7th June, 2020

I'm such a sucker for coconut anything, and so would love to give the coconut shampoo and conditioner a try on my dry, damaged ends!

7th June, 2020

I have used this brand before and have always loved their fragrances. Unfortunately I am yet to find one that really hydrates and gives great results. Perhaps the coconut milk one will work?

7th June, 2020

I absolutely love everything argan oil if i'm honest, but the coconut milk sounds awesome too. Repair and hydrate i wouldn't even know what one id need more lol!


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