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Would You Pay $70 For A Shower Cap?

6 January, 2018 - 08:12pm by - Head Pixie | 25 Comments

By BR Amelia

You know what I take home with me after I've stayed at a fancy hotel? The shower caps you find in the bathroom next to the miniature sewing kit. They're such handy little numbers - perfect for popping your hair up in when you're colouring it (way easier than wrapping cling wrap that's for sure), and ideal for when you've just had your hair styled at the  hairdressers and are wanting to keep the shower's moisture from ruining your 'do'. There's one thing I'm not fond of about shower caps though - they just don't last all that long. The elastic breaks. The plastic tears. Then you're back to having to book a fancy hotel so you can get your hands on another one (joking, I know you can buy them...)

Recently though I stumbled upon the shower cap of my dreams.


Named 'All Caps', this shower cap has been designed with a tonne of benefits for those who care for their hair. For example, it can accommodate all hair types and styles - including long hair, meaning no more hair kinks post-shower. A microfibre band means your hairline is kept dry (and let's be honest, there's nothing more annoying than water seeping under your standard shower cap creating a case of the frizzies). It's inner-material is soft and silky in order to keep your head from creasing or having an attack of the static.

Oh, and it's fully adjustable so you can get your perfect fit, as well as being environmentally friendly, and reversible.

The only catch? It's US$52, which is around $70 in Kiwi currency.

My breath may have caught in my throat when I read that... It's a lot of money for a shower cap, but it turns out All Caps is not just a shower cap. It can also be used during spa treatments and spray tans. You can sleep in it and wake up the next day with non-mussed up hair. And when you reverse the cap the plastic side can be used to help enhance hair treatments.

So really, it's a five-in-one product, and it's built to last a lot longer than your usual shower cap, which kind of makes the price justifiable.

Or does it? I'm on the convinced side of the fence (and I'm glad they don't ship to New Zealand or I'd have my credit card out in a flash after putting up with another case of the post-shower puffy hair.) But we want to know what you think... $70 for a multi-purpose shower cap. Is it an investment? Or is it something you could live without? Take our poll and tell us!


Would you pay $70 for a shower cap?

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No way! I always take the ones from hotels too but I use them as shoe covers for packing shoes in my suitcase. Never actually think about using them as actual shower caps lol. Joys of having short hair.

Yep, I've gotten some good ones from hotels too!

6th January, 2018 at 10:12 pm

Shoe covers - great tip!!

6th January, 2018 at 11:28 pm

I like the shoe cover tip -good idea

8th January, 2018 at 7:01 am

Definitely not. The cheap ones work good enough for me

I've done the same things too. I've also taken the shampoo and conditioner and other toiletries if they are good. I'd be tempted too because it's fungus resistant and my shower caps can easily get moldy in the bathroom since the house we live in is poorly designed so the bathroom doesn't get any sunlight and at all as it's on the wrong side of the house. I have to soak my shower caps in vinegar to get rid of the mold. I was having a really hard time finding a good shower cap that would cover all my long hair as I always had some of my hair at my ears and back of head sticking out which would lead to me briskly running a towel over it and creating more frizz. I was pretty reluctant to buy the Soap and Glory shower cap since it was 12 dollars, I hadn't had a chance to try it out and I wasn't used to spending more than 4 bucks on a shower cap but I finally caved. And it's been a good investment it covers all my hair even my ears too. If you have long hair this is a good one to check out.

Thanks for sharing I'm going to check out that shower cap because hair sticking out at my ears and back of head are problems I have too.

6th January, 2018 at 11:31 pm

$12 sounds more sensible

8th January, 2018 at 7:02 am

Showercaps is one of those things you can't really justify spending big bucks on.

8th January, 2018 at 10:23 am

Much more affordable!

9th January, 2018 at 8:25 pm

I do use shower caps often and this one looks very durable. I was expecting this to be much more, so I'll certainly consider it.

I use them but $70 is too pricey!

Think of the Lush you could buy for $70.00!

9th January, 2018 at 8:26 pm

Oh yes Kim, that's so true!

10th January, 2018 at 12:02 pm

At first I said NO! when I saw the poll but I jumped on their website after reading Amelia's article and I'm entertaining the idea. I think I would purchase more so for hair treatment (coconut oil overnight treatment) but couldn't care less about protecting my hairstyle / frizzies - Kmart shower caps work fine for me.

No from me! My $2 one works just fine :-)

I can't say I have used a shower cap since I was a kid, but I like the idea that it is good for enhancing hair treatments. I still wouldn't buy it though.

I’ve needed a shower cap for ages now. This article has reminded me . I keep forgetting. There’s no way I’d pay that much for a shower cap .

I always use a shower cap anyway, and for around $15-20 you can get some pretty luxurious ones. I don't think I could justify $70 though!!

you can get hair towel wraps that work fine

Hmm I love that it is a multipurpose product but I simply cannot justify spending that amount on it.

Oh I saw this being advertised last week when I was in New York. I wondered what made it so special. The only hotel miniature I took with me was the shower gel :P lol. For that price I would expect it to make my hair look perfect ha ha ha

I'm not really a shower cap user so $70 is definitely over the top.

I agree!

21st January, 2018 at 2:43 pm


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