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Would You Laminate Your Eyebrows?

10 October, 2021 - 04:27pm by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Can anyone else recall the crazy days of the mid 2010s when we were infatuated with eyebrows? When they were feathered, halo-ed. When they were big brows, bold brows, sculptured brows... The list could go on and on and on. And even then I'd probably miss one... like laminated brows.

Unlike other brow trends that have come and gone, laminated brows seem to only be getting bigger and bigger, with the term popping up on the interwebs with more frequency than ever before. But what are they? What do they look like? And does it involve pushing your brows through a laminating machine??? Spoiler alert:

It does not.

What is eyebrow lamination?

Think of eyebrow lamination as a perm for your hair. It's designed to create a thicker, fuller look that lasts by straightening and lifting your brow hairs. It's often touted as an alternative to micro-blading.

What does it involve?

First of all a lifting cream is applied to break down the bonds of the hair. Once this is done they can be moved into a new shape, which is when a neutralizer is applied to reform the bonds and set your new look, followed by the application of a nourishing product. Your session can also including tweezing/waxing and tinting to create the colour and shape you desire.

Any aftercare?

First of all... do not get handsy with your brows for a full day and night after getting this procedure done. That means no stroking, no tugging, no applying products. You'll also want to keep water away from the area for the first 48 hours. In order to care for your brow hair in the long run, a nourishing oil/conditioner is a must - remember, your brow hair has been put through a chemical procedure, it will need to be shown some love.

How long does brow lamination last for?

You can expect the results to last anywhere between four to eight weeks.

And the cost?

A quick perusal of local salons saw prices range from $120 - $150.

Can anyone get their brows laminated?

You're going to need a goodly amount of hair to work with in the first place, so for many this means we have to grow our brow hair out first. No plucking, no tweezing, no trimming. 

Are there any pitfalls to watch out for?

You're dealing with an area (especially the eyelid area below) that is delicate, so if you're prone to sensitivity or reactions this might not be for you. Being that this is a chemical treatment, it could also damage your hair in the long run (much like repeated perming can do to the hair on our head). Also - this is not a DIY treatment. A trained therapist at a reputable salon is a must.

So... does eyebrow lamination interest you? Do you like your brows bold and glossy? Or do you prefer to keep them matte and basic? Get chatting below!


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19th October, 2021

I’ve had it done a few times - it’s a big shock the first day! After that initial what have I done reaction it looks amazing for the first week or so but then mine just go back to normal so it seems a lot of money for such a short amounr of time

14th October, 2021

That’s a no from me. I’m happy with my brows thoughts I think I’d go far has eyelash curling for my eye area.

13th October, 2021

I've just had mine micropigmented and they turned out really well, So happy I had them done. Made sure I did my homework and seen her work etc very professional.

13th October, 2021

Actually been booked in to try this for awhile thanks COVID but it’s happening tomorrow so will post how it goes, it’s been hard going growing out my brows but I have blonde ones so not that bad looking unless I go in certain lights lol. Also having a tidy and a tint so I’m excited.

12th October, 2021

OMg I would love this treatment! I have thin short brows from having a thyroid disorder and I'd love my thick Brooke Shields brows back :)

11th October, 2021

I would like to not have to keep applying makeup to tint them and have them shaped and dyed that lasted decently. Don't know if this colours them so probably not.


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