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Would You Buy A Coitus-Scented Perfume?

8 September, 2023 - 07:09am by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Not since ol' Gwyneth's Goop came out with a lady garden-scented candle, have I had a moment to seriously question the choices of a brand owner, but when I read that Harry Styles' brand, Pleasing, was releasing a series of fragrances centered around the old horizontal tango, I had myself a "really??" moment. 

You read right. According to The Mirror, Pleasing will be releasing three fragrances, named "Rivulets", "Closeness", and "Bright, Hot", with the range of perfumes designed to "smell of skin-on-skin and brief encounters". The Mirror reported that the description for Closeness reads, “a whispered ‘yes’, skin pressed against skin”, while the blurb for Rivulets says the aroma aims to evoke “a delightful encounter with a stranger”.

Nowhere in the article do they describe what this actually smells like. Call me crazy, but skin pressed against skin makes me think of salt and musk. Perhaps with a hint of body odour. As for "a delightful encounter with a stranger", I'm thinking stanky nightclub toilets that reek of pee, alcohol and cheap toilet cleaner. One can't help but wonder if Bright, Hot will be reminiscent of a morning wakeup call - so bad breath and unwashed body parts.

Also mentioned in the article was that Pleasing has a new CEO, Shaun Kearney, who was once Gwyneth's Chief Design and Merchandising Officer. Whether Shaun Kearney's responsible for the direction of the Pleasing fragrances or not remains to be seen, but if that's the case that he is - and one would tend to assume so, being that he's the CEO - the man clearly has found his niche.

What the intimacy-inspired candles look like remains to be seen... but my bet's on a nod to implements one might enjoy while indulging in the four legged fox trot.

At the end of the day, Gwyneth's vajayjay candle sold out, so who's to say that a range of fragrances inspired by the act of intimacy with another won't as well? As for me? Unless it smells like one of my sassy citrus scents and comes in a beautiful bottle, I'm swiping left.

So, would you buy a sex-scented fragrance? Or are you, like me, more of a Basic Betty in your perfume preferences? Hit up the poll, then get chatting below!

Would You Buy A Coitus-Scented Perfume?

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8th November, 2023

Lol no

3rd November, 2023

Before I read the article I thought was about sexy smelling scents. Scents reading the article though...side eye. No thanks not for me.

2nd November, 2023

Nooope. No thank you.... I will stick to my fruity/florals!

1st October, 2023

haha wow, stick with my fruity ones

28th September, 2023

Just. No.

28th September, 2023

I've heard of phamaone fragrances before. Apparently there's a KFC perfume too anyway I don't wear fragrance to smell sweaty and some fragrance definitely have that old sweaty type of scent note or change on me those I get rid of

15th September, 2023

I cannot imagine that this would be nice, but I'd like to actually smell it, just to be sure.

11th September, 2023

No thanks a sweaty stanky candle doesn't do it for me! :P

11th September, 2023

Bhahaha sounds disgusting to me!

9th September, 2023

I'm pretty sure this is just marketing hype to drive sales. I'm pretty sure that when it comes out it's going to be a series of fragrant notes evocative of sensuality. Everyone smells different so capturing the "essence" of that particular smell will be extremely varied but no doubt they'll be reviews on Youtube that I'll watch.

8th September, 2023

This really does not sound appealing.

11th September, 2023

You are probably right tannygirl. Anything to get attention no doubt.

15th September, 2023

I agree but I am sure they probably don't really smell like that and just a sales ploy to get people looking and smelling of course.


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