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Winter's A Great Time To Get The Blues

6 August, 2017 - 07:08pm by - Head Pixie | 18 Comments

By BR Tabatha

You know what I'm feeling right now? Blue hair. I think it's the weather. I mean, it's cold, which makes me think of blue lips and blueish fingertips. The clouds sometimes have a blue tinge to them as they gloom about. And then there are those freezing days where the sky is bright blue and the sun shines on everything, but doesn't even begin to warm us up. And it just feels to me that at this time of year if you were wanting to switch up your colour then blue would be an interesting way to go. So I set out looking for a little Instagram inspiration. Check these beauties out...


To be honest, I love the hair, but what is killing me in a wonderful way is Miao Savage's whole look. Those lips. That wing! The woman is perfection.


So say you don't want to commit to a full head of blue hair, Dawn - aka xxflaming_skullxx - shows us how we can rock a little blue and look super fabulous. And cute. I mean, seriously, how cute is that picture? I would rock furry ears and a little animal nose all day if iI could.


Loving the wintry vibe of this fantastic do! Is there any colour that SarahSorceress can't rock? I don't think so. Seriously, check out her Instagram feed. From green to blue to purple hues, she makes it work. I bow before thee.


Those gloomy clouds I was talking about? This reminds me of those, especially if they were so low that they touched the stormy sea. The shades used here are gorgeous and yet I feel a touch of whimsy with the colour placement too. Adore.


First of all how cute is that outfit? Alas, not wearable for we wintry folk right now, but come spring... Game on! Charismastar's hair though. So doable right now. Love the curls. Love the colour. Love that she radiates warmth and joy.

So, my beauties, are you a fan of blue hair? Is it something you've experimented with? Is it something you're keen to try? Or do you prefer to appreciate it on others while rocking your own shade of the moment? Chat away!

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It looks good on some of the girls. I like it dark and long like miaosavage - that's rocking.

Same...and miss_sarahsorceress but i am also loving the cloudy look..mardoeshair.

7th August, 2017 at 8:35 pm

Yep, I reckon the right colouring makes a big difference.

7th August, 2017 at 8:43 pm

Love love love! I have had dark blue hair before and it was amazing just a lot of maintenance.

That seems to be the problem of two colours I like to go, blonde and red.

6th August, 2017 at 11:29 pm

If I did blue hair it would have to be a warmer blue shade since I don't suit cool toned hair. But these ladies make blue hair look fab.

If you have the chance I say do it. Yes there is the horrible effort of upkeep but if it makes you feel fabulous who cares. I did see some one off colours at Farmers that I am tempted to have a play with.

I feel like blue hair's one of those shades which is easy to pull off with on-point makeup, but can quickly look tacky if you're having an off-day. Won't be going blue myself, but big ups to the gals who take the plunge!

I really like all of these blue hairstyles!! The only problem when considering blue hair myself, is work.

Im liking the Dark Blue. Not really a fan of the brights .

Omg my fab colour! Hmmm if my work contract wasn't so try this out

I Love Sara and miaosavage .

It's beautiful! I wish i could pull it off lol

Love it but I'm to boring to go bright

Same I'm boring too . But too quirky to go bright.

8th August, 2017 at 7:35 am

If only I was allowed these types of shades for my job I would live in them,

Misssarahsorceress's blue hair matched her eyes really well, and the lipcolour really suited her look. But alas blue is not for me (like every other bright colour that would require me to bleach before anything shows through) :(

Looks good in the photos but I don't think I'd have the patience to maintain it

I have had blue in my hair before manic panic works well


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