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Why You Need To Try A Tubing Mascara

10 July, 2022 - 09:56am by - Head Pixie | 16 Comments

by BR Kellie

Don't you love a beauty find that changes your life? Recently I was buying my favourite pimple patches, and I found myself in that online shopping quandary of 'if I spend a few dollars more I'll get free shipping along with a product, or if I don't I'll be spending about the same amount with shipping and no free product'. I did what all good bargain hunters do and decided to pop a little something extra in my cart. In this case I went for a cheap and cheerful mascara from a brand I'd never heard of before, but being that it was a tubing mascara and I'd never tried one I figured what did I have to lose?

Turns out... it was a case of what did I have to gain. SO MUCH. Consider me a tubing mascara convert. I'm in love. Why I've shunned tubing mascaras for so long I'll never know, but what I do know is I need to tell you all about them because sharing is caring. So, what is a tubing mascara and why do you need one in your life? Read on...

What Is Tubing Mascara?

Tubing mascaras contain polymer tubes that don't just cover your lashes like the pigment used in a standard mascara, but wrap around them, creating long, separated, but still natural looking lashes.

Why Do I Need It In My Life?

Is your eye area oily? Do you suffer from panda eyes easily? Does your mascara flake? If so, I would suggest that yes, yes you need to at least try a tubing mascara.

How Does It Work?

Much like regular mascara, you apply it using a wand. From there the product wraps around your lashes and stays there, unbudging for hours upon hours. Seriously, not once has it made me look like I've been out all night or forgotten to wash my face. No dark smudges or flakes to be found here!

Is It Easy To Remove?

Removing tubing mascara is super simple - just wash off with warm water and a cloth (I use Garnier's Micellar Reuseable Eco Pads). What I love about this method is that it's super gentle, and involves less wear and tear on the eye area, with the bonus of not needing eye stinging makeup removers!

The Downsides?

Need volume? While a tubing mascara does add oomph to your lashes, it won't do so at quite the same level as a bushy brushed standarad mascara can. Also, the little black tubes coming off my lashes and smooshing around my face during my nightly cleanse was disconcerting the first few times, but now I'm used to it they don't bother me... especially when I wake up in the morning to find my undereye area smudge-free.

All in all, it was an 'add to cart to get free shipping' win!

So, have you tried a tubing mascara? Do you want to now? And if you're already a tubing mascara fan, what's your go-to brand? Chat below!


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7th August, 2022

I had never heard of this before. Would be interesting to see some pictures of tubing mascara compared to regular mascara on the same person.

16th July, 2022

I love tubing mascara - it's my preferred mascara option! It is great for not smudging, and it stays on really well.

15th July, 2022

I have tried them before and found they did nothing for my short sparse eyelashes on the top but they were great for catching all my lashes on the bottom and even the ones in the corner which I struggle to cover with a bushy brush,half of it ends up down the side of my face.

15th July, 2022

Never heard of these but so intrigued. Off to Google

14th July, 2022

I haven’t tried it, nor have I heard of tubing mascara (I don’t think I have anyway). It sounds interesting and love the idea of it being smudge proof.

14th July, 2022

I love the sound of this! Now that my under eye area is getting a bit more wrinkly, the panda eyes from mascara are such a pain. I will have to give one of these a go.

12th July, 2022

Not tried one yet, would give it a go

11th July, 2022

I used a brand that offered tubing and that it was a safer waterproof product. It was always odd when I removed it as it looked like little worms on the cloth. But like you said limited volume. I never repurchased only because I never found the product again.

11th July, 2022

Oh sounds like something l would like to try , thanks

11th July, 2022

Yes ! I love trying different mascaras! I've probably tried several in the past but I can't think of a specific "tubing" one at the moment. I like Rimmel London mascaras. I have not tried a new mascara for a while!

11th July, 2022

Oh I would love to try a tubing mascara! I'm gonna search on BR right now!!

11th July, 2022

I have tried a tubing mascara and find it difficult to remove so would love to try one that is recommended by the BR crew

11th July, 2022

Never tried it but would give it a go!

11th July, 2022

I've never even heard of tubing mascara, but it sounds amazing! Very keen to know what brand you used; cheap and cheerful sounds like a good option for a first try.

11th July, 2022

What brand of mascara was it Kellie? I might give it a try :-)

Head Pixie
16th July, 2022

Hey! It was the Heimish Dailism Smudge Stop mascara :)

Head Pixie
16th July, 2022

It was the Heimish Dailism Smudge Stop mascara. So good!


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