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Why you need a bottle of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

9 May, 2016 - 10:32pm by - First Lady | 20 Comments


By Cassandra Myee of

Micellar Waters are all the rage right now in skincare and I can understand why. A lot of brands are bringing out their own take on the Micellar Water, Garnier being one of them. I always have a bottle of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in my bathroom and I'm here to give you five reasons why you probably should too!

NUMBER ONE | It removes makeup in one swipe of a cotton pad. Micellar Water literally feels like water on the skin, with the 'micelles' in this product helping to almost suck the makeup off your face. It also works well on the eyes and lips.

NUMBER TWO | If you have sensitive skin, this could be a game changer. Because Micellar Water doesn't have a lot of ingredients in it (seven to be exact!), it is ideal for all skin types even those with sensitive skin. The formula is non-irritable and only grabs at makeup and doesn't draw any moisture or good oils away from the skin. Garnier have recently expanded the range and brought out the Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water for those with oily and combination skin to help mattify and cleanse impurities from the skin, as well as removing makeup.

NUMBER THREE | It's great to travel with, with the brand new mini 125ml bottle (RRP NZD $6.95). The original bottle is pretty big and hefty and I was left decanting it into smaller travel sized bottles. Now you can buy it in travel size and not have to worry about not having your favourite makeup remover with you at all times!

NUMBER FOUR | You can also use it as a cleaning product. I can't be the only one who gets makeup stains all over the show, I am constantly wiping down my vanity where I do my makeup on the daily. I find this works wonders at lifting it off; I just soak a cotton pad and wipe it over the surface, it doesn't damage the surface underneath and it gets rid of those orangey foundation stains, or smudges of eyeshadow pigments.

NUMBER FIVE | Overall, the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a lot quicker, easier and cheaper than other makeup removing options. If you find makeup wipes are too harsh on your skin, or your eye makeup remover leaves your eyes stinging and watering, this is the product to try. The large 400ml bottles have about 200 uses in them, and I find it takes me months on months to get through a bottle. So at only RRP $12.99, it's a very affordable skincare product that should easily slot into your skincare routine.

Thank you so much to our guest blogger, Cassandra.  Check out her blog, CassandraMyee for more fabulous articles and reviews.  (And...she's giving away a Best Beauty Box Ever...#justsaying)  

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27th June, 2016

Great article! I love this Micellar Water, I use it almost every day.

28th May, 2016

Thanks for all the information, makes it easier seeing it written like this to know if you should buy it yourself

22nd May, 2016

I always keep a bottle handy when I'm doing my make up, if I use a really glittery or messy product I can easily rinse my brush (if I'm in between my 'regular' 'thorough' cleans hehe)

17th May, 2016

I'm sold on this product, I love it

17th May, 2016

I am a big fan of Garnier Micellar Water, I have sensitive skin and it has never irritated my skin at all, and is very cleansing and takes off all my makeup.

17th May, 2016

I really need to get some of this - any in the Beauty Vault?? No didn't see any. Shame as I would definitely get some!! :)

13th May, 2016

Awesome blog, thanks Cassandra! I will have to give this a go - have been eyeing it up for a while so I think its time!

12th May, 2016

These are great tips and tricks, p.s you are so beautiful! I love how versatile the Garnier cleansing water is, its a miracle worker <3

12th May, 2016

Great article, I recently purchased this and I love how versatile this stuff is.

11th May, 2016

I so need to get some of this!!

11th May, 2016

I purchased this about a fortnight ago and have used it twice already and love how easy it removes my makeup without it making my skin burn or sting! WIN.

10th May, 2016

I love this stuff! Every night I use this, and a few good tips as well, thanks Cassandra!

10th May, 2016

My holy grail!! I think it's currently $10 in pak 'n' save right now. I had to rip myself away from the beauty section or else I would've bought another, as I still have a quarter left plus 2 diff micellar waters at home.. oops. Heh. Cannot rave about this product enough!

10th May, 2016

I can't get my head around micellar water. It just doesn't make sense to me :)

10th May, 2016

I tried Garnier Micellar Water last year and got a big bottle for the bathroom and my family all uses it now. I used to use eye makeup remover or cleansing oil to remove makeup but now I find that micellar water takes off most of my makeup and I only need to use eye makeup remover for the really stubborn spots. But that being said even with just skincare on I double cleanse my face every night.

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