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Why We're Fond of Bronde.

28 May, 2019 - 11:38am by - Head Pixie | 16 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Spring has sprung in the northern regions of the world, and with it has come the resurgence of one of our favourite hair colour trends.

Welcome back, bronde!

As for bronde being a 'spring' trend? We say piffle to that! It's a fab autumnal look too! Bronde is like the last of the summer rays have clung to your hair and are refusing to let go. 


So... What is bronde?

Simple... It's the integration of blonde and brown hair.

It's also a fab way for brunettes to dip their toe into that blonde life, and vice versa.


Even our notoriously dye-shy virgin-haired BR Kellie raised her eyebrows at this trend, and declared it something she'd consider doing. High praise indeed.

What we love most about it is it's versatility. You can play with the shades, choose how light you want to go, how much blonde you want to fuse into the brunette. And it's super flattering, especially on those of us who are getting on in years and want to use hair colour to youth-up our look.


While bronde can be touted as the perfect spring or autumn look, in all honesty we think it's a winner at any time of the year.

So, beauties - is bronde beautiful? Is bronde the new blonde? Or is bronde the new brown? Is it a look you'd consider? Or do you like your brown's brown and your blonde's blonde? Chat away...


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24th June, 2019

This is nice and would be a great way for us older gals to blend in those grays.

7th June, 2019

I'm blonde naturally. I've got decent regrowth on my lighter dyed blonde hair. I like that you can rock the temporary hair bright colours if you have light hair

2nd June, 2019

It's gorgeous. Unfortunately my bank account can justify a dye job. :-(

31st May, 2019

As someone with naturally dark hair, I have very much embraced this trend over the years.

31st May, 2019

It looks fabulous for those that stick within the natural tones, shades, colours etc. And, it would offer very easy maintenance. I'm kind of a secret unicorn, the idea of my hair being classed as a 'normal' colour gives me heart palpation! Haha

30th May, 2019

Beautiful indeed.. =D

30th May, 2019

In my younger days this was my natural untinted hair colour, brown with blonde streaks through it, as I got older it is more brown now. I might consider going back to this look.

29th May, 2019

Yes, I love it, very pretty

28th May, 2019

Love bronde! Definitely a fan.

28th May, 2019

Love bronde! Definitely a fan.

28th May, 2019

I love it, it's beautiful!

28th May, 2019

Looks pretty nice actually

28th May, 2019

It is nice. It looks natural.

28th May, 2019

It is nice. It looks natural.

28th May, 2019

This is what I've been trying to achieve on my own hair! Such a natural look.