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Why Money Piece Hair Is The Look For You!

21 November, 2021 - 02:54pm by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

by BR Amelia

Chatting with a friend over a picnic in the park recently, she mentioned how when she would finally get to see her hairdresser she was going to ask for 'money hair'. To which I replied, my tongue firmly in my cheek, 'don't we already pay enough to see a hairdresser? Do we really need to ask for it to be more expensive?'. We laughed, because both of us have gorgeous, affordable hairdressers and don't see a world where we would happily drop $300+ on a colour and cut. However, I was intrigued.

Money hair? I'd never heard of it. What did that even mean? Into the interwebs I went...

What is money hair?

The term is technically 'money piece hair', which, let's be honest, isn't the most memorable name in the world. What it is is a technique derived from balayage that lightens the locks that frame your face. Done right it's not chunky, or obvious, but a delightfully simple way to elevate your style.

What is the point of it?

Money piece hair can enhance your overall hair colour while adding dimension and bringing attention to your face. While it is intended to give that natural, kissed by the sun look, it can also take a bold turn if that's your style. If anything, it's another great way to express who you are.

Even better... it's a great way to update a look on a more affordable level if you can't afford, or don't want to get, a whole head of highlights, AND it doesn't look terrible as it grows out.

Is it for everyone?

Do you have hair? Black? Brown? Red? Blonde? Bright? Then money piece hair can work for you! Want to keep things natural? Lighten up by a little! Or, if you've blonde hair, you can embrace platinum locks up front, or go for a pastel shade of pretty! Raven haired? Make it pop with emerald green or royal blue framing.

The sky really is the limit with this technique. The key though is to make sure it's not an obvious chunk of colour, and to ensure that your hair stylist - or you, if you try this at home - work with where you part your hair in order for the placement to be correct. 

There you have it! Money piece hair... I can see why people would want a piece of that.

 So, would you try money piece hair? Have you already tried it? What were your thoughts? Chat below!


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24th November, 2021

It sounds interesting, and unlike a full hair colour it would look ok even if it grows out. I would still like to know where the name comes from!

24th November, 2021

Oh, the name is certainly intriguing! I will be asking for this when I get back to my hair is very grey and usually tone it with pink or purple but I definitley need some permanent lowlights to frame my face, to give it some depth and dimension!

24th November, 2021

I didn't know what it was called but have seen this look on some people. Not sure it would suit me, but intrigued. Couldn't find pricing for my salon but will ask when I get that long overdue hair trim/cut.

24th November, 2021

yes I been having this done for sometime now , medium blonde around the face ,its done well blends in gives a whole new look ,best of all it hides the white or grey coming through ,and will be keeping it up have had lots of compliments ,as your hair grows you are getting more blonde and only the roots are touched up....

23rd November, 2021

This sounds fascinating. Is this a new thing?

23rd November, 2021

Super tempted to give this a go for summer! My hair hasn't been touched permanent colour-wise since around June last year! I have such (opposite of bold-? Mind blank) hair right now... I need something interesting!

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