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Why do you use a face mask?

22 January, 2019 - 09:06pm by - First Lady | 56 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Face masks are a wonderful way to treat your skin, in both senses of the word. Some people use a luxurious face mask to relax and give their skin a treat.  It's the staple of any pampering session right?

Other people use face masks to actively treat their skin problems, be it acne, dryness or those pesky signs of aging.  A face mask used to tackle specific concerns usually contain active ingredients that penetrate the skin and do their thang!

We have two brand new tissue masks awaiting reviewers at BRHQ - and these aren't just your usual tissue masks -  this is the first ‘DIY’ mix-it-yourself shot mask, by global brand, Garnier.

In one section is a hydrating formula, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C, and separately in the other section is an ultra-absorbent, dry algae tissue mask, waiting to be infused. 

Once mixed, the tissue is instantly transformed into a soft gel with a bouncy cushion texture that fits to the face, replumping the skin with moisture and leave skin softer and supple; or looking brighter and skin complexion looking more even.

We're looking for LOADS of reviewers for these nifty masks - so if you'd like to put your hand up for this trial opportunity:

Click here to take our quick survey telling us about your skin!

And why not tell us why you use face masks - are they to give your skin a treat; or do you use them to treat skin problems?  Get chatting below and a fabulous new tissue mask could be on it's way to you!

Why do you use a face mask?

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30th January, 2019

I use them for a bit of both to be honest! Sometimes after a hard day I just love to sit back, relax and pamper myself! But other times my skin is in desperate need of a treat!

29th January, 2019

First of all it makes me feel relaxed, kind of meditation and then of course it is good for skin:)

28th January, 2019

I use it to help reduce spots when they start to show

27th January, 2019

Both! I want to relax but also want a long term that greedy?

25th January, 2019

Face masks are the ultimate luxury beautifying spa treatment eve used in ancient Egypt. They just seem to make your skin feel pampered soft and glowing

25th January, 2019

I would love either one of these, they both look good! I suffer from dry patches on my skin and dark circles under the eyes, something to lock in the moisture would be heaven!

25th January, 2019

I use skin masks for skin issues and treatment, I suffer from dry, red skin that I hate and often find a good face mask helps! I've been using the Garnier tissue ones for a wee while now and love those. Would be cool to try these as they sound unique and I'm always up to try something new - plus I love the other Garnier masks!

25th January, 2019

These two masks look fantastic, I would love to try them, I would like to start using a mask at least once a week.

25th January, 2019

This would be amazing to trial! With all the summer sun, beach time, lake time, wind, heat and humidity my skin and hair don't know what to do! But they are in need of some love and attention. I'd love to trial the Garnier Skin Active masks on my face.

25th January, 2019

Oh my these sounds amazing I will definitely have to try these. I do one once a week usually.. often a sheet, mud or peel off mask. Also make the partner do them too hehe.

25th January, 2019

I love face masks to give my skin a reset. Sometimes washing doesn't give my skin everything I need and a good mask hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and lovely again. Plus I get that pampered feeling and it is a great way to have some me time.

25th January, 2019

I use them as a feel good thing rather than to treat specific conditions however if I can be pampered and it can assist with hydrating and nourishing my skin and seeing to those fine lines then I'm keen to give it a whirl

24th January, 2019

I use masks but I don’t think they do that much in the long term. Sheets masks are nice and cooling at this time of year or after using a strong peel. I’m not a fan of mud or clay masks unless my skin feels congested. I find them too drying otherwise.

24th January, 2019

I love to use a mask for relaxing but also want it to treat specific skin concerns. The vitamin C mask would be great for my uneven skin and pigmentation.

24th January, 2019

I’m a masking addict and use different ones for different issues. I always have a clay mask and a hydrating one in my cabinet.