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Which Micellar Should You Try?

25 March, 2019 - 10:33pm by - First Lady | 19 Comments

Article by BR Amelia.

A lot has changed since Garnier Micellar Water first revolutionised the way we cleansed - there are now lots of different formulas of Micellar Water, meaning you can reap the benefits of Micellar Water; whatever your skin type or practical needs.

Here's a run down of four Micellar Cleansers loved by our reviewers...real Kiwi shoppers.

Micellar for those with Dry and/or Sensitive Skin.

Click here to read more independant reviews on Garnier Micellar Cleansing Milky Water

Micellar for those that like to cleanse in the shower

Click here to read more independant reviews on Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

Micellar for those that wear a full face of makeup.

Click here to read more independant reviews on Garnier Micellar in Oil

Micellar for those that like to keep it simple.

Click here to read more independant reviews on Garnier Micellar Water.

So, are you a micellar fan?  What Micellar format do you usually use?  Tell us your favourite way to cleanse with Micellar Water below!


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8th April, 2019

I wasnt a massive Miscellar fan until I tried the Soap & Glory brand. I have fallen in love with it.

I would however like to try the Garnier one with the oil in it as my skin loves products with oil in it due to how dry my skin is. Next on the list to try I think.

5th April, 2019

Micellar water is usually too harsh on my skin but I am curious about the milky Gariner one.

3rd April, 2019

I still haven't tried this stuff yet. I am not convinced it's as good for you as traditional cleanser and exfoliation

2nd April, 2019

Garnier Micellar in oil is the only one my skin actually likes. All the rest leave my skin with a slight stinging sensation that required the product to be washed off. Love how this also tackles my mascara and liquid lipsticks with ease.

2nd April, 2019

Micellar in oil. Perfect for me. I’m curious about the milky one.

1st April, 2019

I am a Micellar Water fan, have used Garnier before with good results, also Natio rosewater Micellar and Nivea Micellar. Will be trying the new Garnier ones next.

29th March, 2019

I have never tried micellar water before so might have to check them out..always seem to have panda eyes still after washing my make up off and I don't even use waterproof mascara.

28th March, 2019

The OG micellar water is my all time fave, though I mainly default to an oil cleansing balm these days been hooked since I tried them last year.

27th March, 2019

I love micellar water!

27th March, 2019

Love the original garnier micellar water.

27th March, 2019

I'm a fan of the original micellar water.

26th March, 2019

I am a fan.. I haven’t tried a few of these but might have to.

26th March, 2019

No, I'm not a fan of Micellar water.

26th March, 2019

I’m not a fan of Micellar. Give me a balm cleanser and a good old fashioned flannel any day!

26th March, 2019

I happy with classic micellar.

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