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What Were They Thinking? Is This The WORST Idea Ever!?

2 February, 2019 - 06:33pm by - Head Pixie | 24 Comments

By BR Kellie

Straight from the 'shudder' files...

Are you a makeup sharer or more a a makeup 'get your hands away from my pretties or I'll cut them off'erer? 

Are you the the kind of person who only swatches testers on their hands?... Or do you go the whole hog and place it on the areas it's designed for... lipstick on lips, eyeshadow on eyes etc.

Sharing makeup is not my speed. If it's sanitised in front of my eyes, I can make force myself to do it. If the person is my best friend and can swear on all things swearable that they're not going to infect me with anything, I'll trust them... 

But using makeup that strangers have touched? And there's no way to guarantee that it's goobs-free? In my mind it's a one-way ticket to the land of cold sores. Conjunctivitis. Potential breakouts. And who knows what else...

Which is why this grossed me out:

CGTN America

Welcome to the future, people.

Technically - welcome to now in China.

Businesses have been setting up shareable makeup stations that are basically Tardis-like boxes filled with makeup goodies that you can pop in to (accessed by phone) and either touch your look up or pop on a full face of makeup. For free? Heck no. It's a pay as you play situation - so the longer you're in there, the more it'll cost. According to this Business Times article, one company's makeup station will charge a maximum of 58 yuan - which works out to be around NZ$12. 

So what's in these boxes of beauty?

CGTN America

Look at those brands! Dior. NARS. M.A.C. They're not messing around with the quality... or security. These things are securitied up with CCTV to stop people popping a 'spensy foundation in their handbag or a lippy in their pocket.

But just because the brands are good and it's an affordable way to get a fancy face of makeup without spending a fortune at a counter... Does that mean you should put it in on your face?

You could argue the foundation would be good as gold as it's sealed - but would you have to use your fingers? Bring your own sponges and brushes? Lipsticks and eyeshadow/liner, in my opinion, are a no. Not unless there was a sanitiser you could spritz on before use.

But what's to stop a nefarious type, who does not care that they're being filmed, from doing something dodgy with the products ingredient wise... or worse?

Are people into it? Yes. It's seen as a great way to refresh your face during the day. Or to try a brand without the pressure of a counter salesperson. Others, however, are on the no side of the fence and, like me, question the hygiene of a shareable makeup station.

So... the big question is... Shareble Makeup Stations. Would you? Could you? If not, why not? And if so, why so? Chat away!



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10th March, 2019


21st February, 2019

Its a no from me! All of those nasties...

12th February, 2019

No way,too many germs would be lurking to even consider applying on your face,eyes or lips.

11th February, 2019

Nope Icouldnt do it as its too yucky to think about

8th February, 2019

I totally agree with this article. It is a breeding ground for germs

7th February, 2019

No way would I use them, who knows who was in there before you, obviously a hygiene risk.

5th February, 2019

The health risk is too great so I differently wouldn't use it.

5th February, 2019

I have used store testers before for foundation and concealer mainly. But I have the counter assistant sanitize the items beforehand and I've never used an store tester eyeliner, mascara or liquid lipstick or lip gloss, something that I couldn't sanitize. I'll swatch those on my hand but never go and use them on my eyes or mouth. I wouldn't use these stations just because of all the germs just accumulating in the makeup all day with no ventilation and no one sanitizing the place and items in between people you could be paying to catch anything.

5th February, 2019

Omg yuck!! Coming from a makeup junkie i would never let this touch me!!

5th February, 2019

Certainly a forward thinking idea but does not seem safe healthwise. I wouldn't use it.

4th February, 2019

If they sanitised between uses I would totally try it out .

4th February, 2019

Not my cup of tea.

4th February, 2019

Nope don't think I could do.

4th February, 2019

It’d Be pretty cool to have a good nosey around in, try some of the products to see if you like them, but I don’t think I’d be putting any on my face.

3rd February, 2019

I think this would be fun to try, but only for trying the makeup as testers on my hands - not on my face!


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