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What we REALLY think about the latest Nail Polish formula

4 May, 2017 - 10:53pm by - First Lady | 20 Comments

image via Pinterest

Ok, confession time.  We were lucky enough to get our mitts on the new Sally Hansen Colour Therapy range before anyone else, and yes, we tried them.  Because we're women.  You cannot put a nail polish in front of us and expect us to just look at it.  You certainly can't put a polish that claims to care as it colours in front of us.  Here's what we thought.

Merilyn - Queenie

My muse is Claire Underwood. I adore her sense of style. All those gorgeous sleek, classic neutral colours - white, black, cream and nude. Colours I’m naturally attracted to.  I never wear polish, but I did for the trial, and my eagerness to take part increased when I was presented with the perfect Claire nude, in the shade of Chai and Life.

I was most impressed with how easily the polish went on, and even more impressed with how it stayed on. Because I don’t normally wear nail polish, I don’t have a lot to compare it to, however it took six days before it chipped – and I work my nails hard by lifting weights at the gym, being in the garden, moving boxes and, oh picking up puppy poo.

When it was time to take the polish off, it came clear away with no staining
on the nail. I’ve started wearing it on a regular basis, and a number of friends have commented on what a beautiful colour it is.

While using the polish I also applied the Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticle Oil, which really enhanced the look of my nails.

All in all, it’s a winner. And I’m seriously thinking about writing to the House of Card producers suggesting Claire wears this shade. 


Natalie - First Lady

The Colour Therapy polish claims to offer 10 days chip-free colour and comes with the stat '9 out of 10 ladies experienced a noticeable improvement in their natural nails after wearing the Colour Therapy nail polish'.   "We'll see about that", she tuts, looking at her unloved nails.

The formula is infused with three oils and you can kind of tell, it's not a thick, it's almost watery but still covers evenly in 2 coats! With NO base coat.  I'm thinking this has something to do with the brush.  Now I've used $2 polish, I've used $70 polish and everything in between.  Hands down this is the BEST brush I've ever come across.  Wide.  Smooth.  Flexible.  Amazing.

The polish had quite a glossy finish, I was impressed.  Then I added the top coat.  Kachow! You ain't seen a gloss finish until you've applied this top coat! 

Did it last ten days?  Look, I have two kids.  I'm on my computer or phone throughout the day.  I wash the dishes sans gloves.  Life with Natalie is very unforgiving to even the most hardy of polishes.  And yet, by day 10 my nails were just showing signs of wear.  Just.  

We also got to try the Cuticle and Nail Oil.  The DRY (I know right?!) oil itself is lovely, its unfragranced and really nourishes the skin and cuticles.  My only gripe is (welcome to petty-ville...) the bottle - it looks so much like the top coat.  In fact I once picked up the top coat and applied it to three cuticles before I smelled the difference.  And yet, when I first laid eyes on the Colour Therapy range, I LOVED how matchy-matchy the range was.  So possibly this one lies with me...cough.

All up?  A stunning colour collection and amazing complimentary products that absolutely do what they say - my bare nails look better, my cuticles are supple and push back easily, and the colour pay off is fabulous. 

Kellie - Head Pixie

The thing is my nails are notoriously useless. They flake and break. Nail polish won’t stick, even with a bottom and top coat and within a day you can see chips.  So it’s fair to say I went into trying the Sally Hansen Color Therapy range with much trepidation and not a lot of expectation.

The packaging is beautyiful and the rose gold lid is all the swoon, but we MUST talk about the brush. It’s idiot-proof.  This brush is thick and big and it spreads to cover your nail beautifully, so even when I used my left hand to paint my right there was next to no stuff-ups and my right to left hand application was perfect. Unheard of. The second time I used this product was at a nail salon and even the manager of the store stopped to admire the brush and commented on what a good job it did. So that’s a big tick right there.

Once the top coat was applied (and how glossy did my nails look with the top coat on? Super glossy!) I went
about my usual week. Knock me over with a feather over seven days I didn’t get a single chip. This never happens. NEVER. There was a touch of fading around the tops, but that’s to be expected since my nails take a battering.

During the week I also took to using the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil. It absorbed quickly and being a dry oil it didn’t leave my hands feeling greasy. Best of all you could see a difference in how the skin around my nails looked – less raggedy, more nourished.

And once the polish was removed? My nails looked great. And they’ve stopped flaking. They’re actually stronger and healthier looking. I have no idea how that can be, or how that works, but the proof is staring at me in the face even as I type.

I’ve never met a polish that’s impressed me the way this has. I’ll be heading into Farmers and buying more from the range… starting with the divine Therapewter.  Sally Hansen - you've nailed it!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Colour Therapy range yet?  Are you as enamoured as the crew?  Chat to us, and ask us any questions you have!

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Hnnng it sounds so good! Ahahaah I too like to live dangerously by washing dishes bare handed. Love how that dark neutral looks on you, Head Pixie! Fingers and toes double crossed I'll get on this trial!

I love that colour Kellie is wearing. Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to purchase some.

They look lovely but I cant wait to see some of the bolder colours, I would be very much surprised if it can last longer than a week on my nails. If it does i take one in every colour thanks.

I have just tried the Sally Hanson complete salon manicure -must do my review too and liked that however this range sounds even better -yes I am guilty of washing my dishes glove free too ! I love the colours. I love that lovely ruby red colour and it is crying out try me !!

What beautiful coulours! My friend does my nails so I would never personally purchase these but they sound fab!

Such great reviews ladies! I just cant wait to try this range, although being on an absolute pan right now I am frantically trying to justify a purchase!!!

This. Sounds. AMAAAZING!! Like Kellie I've been having issues with my nails being brittle and flakey. I think one or two of these polishes have to be my next purchase, especially given it's something that makes me feel pretty while making my nails healthier! Win win!

If you're not already using cuticle oil, daily application of cuticle oil will also help with nail brittleness and flakiness, as well as helping your polish to stay supple and last longer.

5th May, 2017 at 5:32 pm

Thanks Silvene! I'll have a look through the review section for some, but do you have any cuticle oil products that you would recommend?

8th May, 2017 at 9:29 am

They look stunning on. Did you all try with/without a finishing top coat? You know, the clear one that lots of people (NOT me, cause I'm a rebel like that), use? I'm just curious as to whether that made a difference in the lasting of unchipped polish.

Sounds so good, I think at some stage soon i'm going to have to buy one to try it out. Nice range of colours too

totally agree -the colours are the best

6th May, 2017 at 5:39 pm

I had a look in farmers and my favourite (that I want to try) is STICKS AND STONES

6th May, 2017 at 6:23 pm

My nails are such a mess, I wouldn't draw attention to them by colouring them!

Head Pixie, that colour is soooo stunning!

Oh no, now I want ALL the colours - and the cuticle oil too!

I adore these shades! It's been such a long time since I have gotten a new nail polish. But I would totally look into these!!!

Ha idiot proof brush. Sounds like my kind of nail polish.

Sounds amazing! I need to go get this :-)


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