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What Scent Would You Most Like To Layer?

12 November, 2017 - 08:22pm by - First Lady | 50 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Our sense of smell is a powerful thing - it's also a very personal thing.  The perfume you think smells a bit 'off' (or outright rank) can be someone else's signature scent.  The scent you find light and delicate can be overpowering to someone else's senses.

So it's no wonder then that beauty products come in all different scented and indeed, unscented formulas.  And we want to know what you prefer, and why.

Are you a girl that finds the scent of the product adds to the whole experience of using it, or do you prefer your products remain free from fragrance?  And if you love fragranced products, how do prefer the fragrance to well 'work'  Do you choose one product that's scented, say a body lotion, and keep your shower gel neutral, or do you like layering products of the same scent?

All of these scent-y ponderings haven't come from no where - you see something special arrived at BRHQ on Friday.  A big box of incredible products from the newly launched Kiwi (and cruelty-free!) brand; Mmm...That's Nice!  The range consists of a body lotion, shower gel, perfume, hand lotion, candle and diffuser and each one comes in one of three quintessentially Kiwi scents:

  • Feijoa and Ginger
  • Cherry and Vanilla
  • Orange and Clove

Now me?  I like sweet and comforting scents, so Cherry and Vanilla all the way here.  The rest of the office?  Feijoa and Ginger ruled top.  

Anyhoo, enough about us - lets talk about YOU.  We need 50 reviewers to each put the shower gel, body lotion and perfume to test, in the scent of your choice.  So tell us, dear reader; what scent would you most want to layer?

Tell us below - you might find yourself on this scentsational trial team!

What Scent Would You Most Like To Layer?

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Omg, all these scents sound so delicious. I especially love the sound of the Feijoa and Ginger fragrance as I love the smell of feijoas (especially when there's a big pile of them at the supermarket, they smell awesome), plus ginger is so calming. What could go wrong? My body wash scent doesn't usually last long so it doesn't affect my perfume but I can only imagine how long-lasting the scent would be by layering products. Plus the packaging is beautiful, something I would be proud to have on my vanity definitely.

Cherry and Vanilla sounds so delicious! I enjoy products that leave a fragrance that you can keep on enjoying throughout the day. These sound define I would Love to experience the new fragrances and how beautiful is that packaging, has the feel of summer all over. :o)

Cherry and vanilla sounds yummy and christmasy!

I love great smelling products! I love when people say I smell great lol. This range looks fabulous. They all sound yummy but I would probably love the cherry and vanilla as I adore anything vanilla. Ohhhh will cross my fingers and toes for this trial:-)

I'm cherry and vanilla all the way too. That sounds like a really delightful package. I think the perfume would be particularly interesting to try. And who doesn't love a good shower gel and body lotion.


Not usually a fan of cherry but it seems like a different combo to the usual sweet/vanillary scents. I'd love to try these guys out! Please :-D

These all sound nice. I would love try all of them but my top pick would be Cherry and Vanilla mmm

Feijoa and ginger? Nothing sounds more exciting than that scent combination! Feijoas are one of my all time favourite fruits, because they taste and smell incredible! I would love to try the Feijoa and ginger because they really do sound like a dynamic duo!

Cherry and vanilla for me!

I normally layer up products of the same scent as I feel that they last longer throughout the day. Any three of these combos would smell great (hopefully the clove isn’t too overpowering) and personally am keen to trial any of them.

All sound like they would be nice and light. The ginger makes me think of winter, staying warm and hot drinks

Oh my, they all sound delicious, but feijoa and ginger sounds INCREDIBLE!! I would love to smell like that!

It annoys me when you end up with contradictory scents going on - I often skip perfume because I don't want it clashing with other products I'm wearing - so layering all the products of the same scent makes so much sense!

Feijoa and Ginger!! I have never seen a scent like this before. Sounds lovely and very unique to New Zealand. Feijoa is my fave fruit and I love the smell as much as the taste.

and ginger has that nice bite to it -Yummy

13th November, 2017 at 6:58 am

Love the tie in for shower gel and perfume as the layers keep the scent alive and make me feel really sensual all day -I am not a vanilla girl but the Feijoa and Ginger sounds intriguing.

Ahh these products look SO lovely! They sound gorgeous and that packaging is SO pretty as well. So keen to try.


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