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What kind of scent do you prefer in Skincare?

9 February, 2020 - 03:05pm by - First Lady | 150 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

When shopping for bath and body care, once you've sussed the product you need, be it a cleanser, a moisturiser or an exfoliater, and you've then sifted your way through all of the different formula options, you're undoubtedly left with - the Sniff Test.

Scent can make or break a product, especially in skin care.  If you don't like how it smells, no matter how good the product is, you're not going to use it, right?

We're putting 3 products from the coming-soon Garnier Organics range to the test.  

  • Fresh Lemongrass Detox Gel Wash - cleanses away dirt, oil and pollution without drying skin.
  • Fresh Lemongrass Balancing Moisturiser - hydrates skin all day, refreshes and balances oily zones.
  • Purifying Thyme Perfecting Toner - instantly purifies and mattifies skin while tightening pores and refining skin's texture.

Now, of course, it's you guys who get to review these, but we can tell you something...they smells AMAZING.  Seriously, when the box of products landed on my desk I was surrounded by people asking what smelt so good.  If you like fresh, herbaceous scents, these will pass the Sniff Test for you.

If you'd like to put your hand up to trial these three products for us, why not comment below and tell us two things;

  1. What kind of scents do you prefer in skin care (or maybe you prefer it unscented?)
  2. What type of skin do you have?  Normal, Oily, Combi, Dry, Sensitive, something else?

Get chatting below - we might pick you!

What kind of scent do you prefer?

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22nd February, 2020

To be very honest my absolute favourite scent in cosmetics, creams, essential oils and candles is lemongrass. I love it. I always choose this smell above all else and put it in my oil diffuser whenever possible. I would love the chance to try this Garnier product to. It makes me feel good.

19th February, 2020

I have combination skin and ageing skin. I think I lean towards herbaceous scents in skincare, although I must admit I haven’t really tried too many skincare products with herb-y scents! The concept does sound appealing, for sure! I don’t enjoy floral scents that are too overpowering in skincare products... I prefer more subtle scents.

18th February, 2020

I have combination “normal”/oily skin with my Tzone being the most typical of an oily skin, large pores etc so I love a really clean scent when it comes to skincare.

17th February, 2020

I love a fresh scent to my skincare. I have combination skin. I’d love to see what this new range is like and now I can’t wait to smell it!

16th February, 2020

I actually prefer no added scents in my skin care as it adds extra ingredients that are not needed and usually involve alcohol which is not great for skin.

16th February, 2020

I have oily/combo skin and lean towards clean herby smells

18th February, 2020

Yes to clean herby smells! I wonder if it’s a skin type thing to like certain scents.

16th February, 2020

I realy dont have a preference when it comes to scents as long as its not toilet cleaner, this looks awesome and i would love to give this a go.

15th February, 2020

I'm not too bothered with scent, unless it's rosehip because that's the skin scent out there for skincare

14th February, 2020

I love fresh scents - like lemon - but it can be a hard road finding one that doesn't smell like toilet cleaner! Also a huge fan of vanilla. Lemongrass sounds good. I'm a bit of a gardener and I love weeding my wandering thyme patch because of the smell the herbs make when I accidentally brush them. Keen to see how it translates to cosmetics. I have sensitive skin that is also beginning to show my age, yay!

14th February, 2020

I love lightly scented products especially clean clear green type smells. But ironically natural fragrances are just as likely as synthetic to upset my rather sensitive dry skin. But lemongrass sounds great if it isn't too heavy!

14th February, 2020

Love floral scents! Combination skin over here!

13th February, 2020

Yum lemon grass sounds so refreshing!

13th February, 2020

I probably learn to more fruity or vanilla/caramel like scents in skincare, not really a floral scents person. I do enjoy herby scents but I haven't come across those kinds of scents a lot in products. I have combination skin now but it's also quite sensitive.

13th February, 2020

I like a scent which is not too strong and tend to go towards herbs as we use lots of these in our cooking from our herb garden. I don't like flowery scents as they tend to be too overpowering & too sickly. My skin is dryer now I'm older as it has completely changed from my 40's into my 50's and I need to use moisturiser both in the morning and at night.

13th February, 2020

I’m not super fussed about scents, as long as it isn’t too overpowering. I feel like this would be great to try on my skin as I have very combination skin. Some parts can be super oily and other parts literally flaking! My pores have never been my friends either, I feel that this could be a winning combination for me!

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