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What is your go-to mascara shade?

29 September, 2020 - 09:02pm by - First Lady | 7 Comments


Poll posted by BR Amelia

What colour mascara do you wear?

For a lot of ladies they wear just one shade - classic black.  Why?  Well many brands only sell one shade; black. Or maybe it's just habit, your first mascara was black, your second was black and so on.  And of course, long, thick, black lashes are the finishing touch on a showstopping eyelook.

But for some people the black lash is too bold a look - they want to define their lashes but they don't want to look 'overdone' for a day time look, or maybe a sombre occasion.  And this is where the much under-rated brown mascara comes in to play!

Brown mascara offers definition and can offer extra length or volume, without looking as bold as black.  It's also fabulous for those with pale skin tones or blonde hair.  And it's somewhat easier to clean off if you manage to smudge it while applying.

What shade of mascara do you most often wear?  Black?  Brown?  Or something else?  Tell us below!

What shade of mascara do you usually wear?

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7th October, 2020

The blackest black I can find! I've thought about getting a brown but I just can't do it

6th October, 2020

I usually wear black but sometimes love wearing navy blue mascara as its subtle enough to not be obvious but makes my blue eyes pop more

5th October, 2020

I use a brown mascara shade, I think the black is too harsh on older women.

4th October, 2020

Black....only ever black

4th October, 2020

I love wearing classic black every day go to staple .

4th October, 2020

Mostly black, sometimes dark brown and for a change blue.

2nd October, 2020

Usually black but I'd love a nice blue one. Or green.


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