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What do you keep in your handbag?

17 January, 2021 - 12:59pm by - First Lady | 11 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

Handbags are an enigma to both men and women.  Many a man fears having to delve in to a handbag (even when expressly invited or ordered too).  And women, well they can't fathom how on earth men cram everything they need into a back pocket.

The Queen's handbag causes so much interest it was the title and chapter of a book - What's In The Queen's Handbag And Other Royal Secrets.  And we know you're curious, so here's what HRH carries: a small mirror, lipstick, reading glasses, mint lozenges and a fountain pen, although rarely cash, except for the “precisely folded” £5 or £10 note on Sundays. 

Personally I've never been much of a handbag girl - taking whatever would fit into either: my friend's bag, my hubbie's pockets or my bra.  After my son was born I commandeered a side pocket of the nappy bag and I'm slightly ashamed to admit, while shopping for his first backpack I made sure there was a pocket for mama's bits and bobs. 

A glimpse into a woman's handbag is a glimpse into the woman herself.  Spill the entire contents on the floor and you might as well read her diary.  Phone, keys, wallet and lip balm are all safe bets, but when it comes to some women's must haves, they barely scratch the surface.  Handbag Must Have Items is a fascinating (if old!) read on the Forum where members reveal just what they carry (and in some case, cart) around wherever they go.

Hand cream, tissues, a year's worth of receipts, a first aid kit, sanitiser, tampons, body spray, makeup, painkillers, iPads, books and snacks seem to be popular items.  Some of the more unusual (and yet practical) items include; a pocket knife, dog treats and a torch.  One handbag weighed in at 6kg! That's not an accessory that's a work out!

So, go on, 'fess up - whether you carry a huge sack, a fashionable clutch or a not very vogue, but totally practical backpack, open it, turn it upside down and tell us - what's in your handbag?



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24th January, 2021

Lip balm, hand cream, Mini perfume, Pen, paper, a couple of first aid items, panadol, a packet of tissues, and spare sanitary Items .. =)

22nd January, 2021

Wallet, phone, ear buds, passport, mirror, bits and bobs of make-up, toy car, toy doll, girls hair clips, hairbrush, iPad, small screwdriver(?) bike brake cable (to know what size I was meant to get from about a month ago- still not done) tissues, raft of receipts (just in case one is a business one) top off a drink bottle, one sock, a Christmas card, top half of a warehouse voucher, lip balm, mini tube of sunscreen, air NZ lolly, face mask, key for I don’t know what but I know where the key is when I work it out, part for a toy screwdriver, string gummy sweet, cap from the cigarette lighter in the car, usb sticks (dunno what’s on them) about 12 pens of various descriptions, necklace, crochet hook, Pokemon card, toy dinosaur. You know, just the usual stuff

22nd January, 2021

Lipstick/gloss, wallet, tissues, wet wipes, pads.. not a lot of makeup tho

21st January, 2021

I'm not a big handbag girl but I LOVE my Alice in wonderland Loungefly bag. I just take wallet, lip balm, pen, glasses cleaner, notepad, hanky and a reusable bag for random shopping trips

18th January, 2021

First, I LOVE handbags. I'd own loads of flash ones if I had the $$$. I actually cleaned mine out today. It was full of throaties, kurols, and tissues because of my recent cold, but also pens, notes, panadol, hairbands, loose peppermints, grocery lists and receipts and various other miscellaneous items. It looks a lot better now!

18th January, 2021

My everyday handbag has the year of receipts a coin purse which contains 7 different lip products, keys, phone, tissues, pain killers, a pressed powder, plasters, a toy car (I work with kids) some memo’s from work, mints ,a water bottle and a reusable bag. Oh and a roll on aromatherapy perfume to reduce stress. I swear my bag must weigh at least 3-4kgs most days.

18th January, 2021

Currently my handbag contains: A 1 litre drink bottle (so that's 1kg right there!) which is a Nalgene so you can pour boiling water into it, meaning it gets used as a very large keep cup for herbal tea, and a hot water bottle if it's cold; a book, a journal, pocket calendar, wallet, reusable shopping bag, sunglasses, lip balm, a pen, keys, painkillers, headphones, a couple of plasters, and hair tie and some gum. It seems like a lot but I'd use most things every day.

18th January, 2021

Travel size perfume!

17th January, 2021

For me it’s breath mints , hand sanitizer,keys and ear pods , perfume . I use a small hand bag.

17th January, 2021

I use a pretty small shoulder bag. It's the perfect size for me :-) I don't have anything exciting. 2 x Lip balms, 3x perfumes, inhaler, cash, cards, keys, a photo and my phone.

17th January, 2021

I have a handbag for my work day but tend to take one on a general basis.