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Incredible Gem Hair Colours You Have to See To Believe

8 May, 2018 - 10:13pm by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

By BR Amelia

We've a goodly mix of tastes here at BRHQ. Some of us like bright and bold anything. Others enjoy sweet and subtle looks. Some go full glam. Others go beautifully bare. And we all have different loves when it comes to hair. But we all agreed this look is stunning.

Meet... opal hair.


The creation of Michael and Melody Lowenstein of Ross Michaels Salon in Bremerton, Washington, opal hair is a beautiful mix of peaches and a touch of lilac. You could say it's rainbow hair's more mature sister. Or the blonde bombshell's crazy cool cousin. Either way, it's fabulous.

But it got us thinking... what other semi-precious or precious stones have inspired hair colour? We hit up Instagram for some answers and came up with some gorgeous hair inspo!


Crystal lore says amethysts can be used to soothe and calm, and we think that translates from stone-form to colour-form! Despite its brilliance, the longer we look at this shade the more chilled we feel. Beautiful.


Rose quartz could also be called candy floss pink - either way, we adore it! It's fun, feelgood hair - and we're here for it.


So often some of the more colourific hair trends seem a tad out of reach for those with darker hair, or the kind of bank balances that don't allow for hours of stripping and colouring before the final colours are put through - but this tiger eye hair looks so doable - and it's every bit as fab and fierce as the crystal it's named after.


Jade comes in many shades of green, but we're in love with this rich take on the colour! Be sure to swipe right to check out the before pic - the transformation is amazing!


Sophisticated, shine-filled, sublime - this quartz crystal hair is chic with an edge. The wants are real.

So, do tell - if you could take a semi-precious or precious gem and apply the colour to your hair, which would you choose? Would you go subtle? Would you go for shine? Or would you go all shades of sensational? Get chatting!



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27th June, 2018

I would choose the top one - opal! That is just a gorgeous colour

26th May, 2018

I'm loving the amethyst. It's the one I would go for to get done on myself

9th May, 2018

Their all pretty. Wouldn’t do it myself though

9th May, 2018

Love the comparisons

9th May, 2018

Love the opal and tiger eye..... would love tiger eye for my own hair!!

9th May, 2018

I am loving the look of the opal. That would look great on my current hair.

9th May, 2018

Quartz crystal and opal I would try for sure. My niece has jade hair and it suits her pale skin.

9th May, 2018

My hairdresser has some temporary hair colour mousse that is new to the market. She kept some of my hair and is going to try the mousse on it to see if it stays true to the colour and if it does I'll buy some.

9th May, 2018

The first one is sparkling loveliness <3

9th May, 2018

If I had lighter hair I would be keen for some colour like this.

9th May, 2018

Oh my! That amethyst is just amazing!

9th May, 2018

i spose if my hair was full of shiny product and styled it'd probably look like opal at the moment... its faded to a bizarre white/pink/peach combo. I like it! however if I were to choose something... chalcopyrite peacock ore. if that didn't come from a unicorn i'll be surprised.

9th May, 2018

They all appeal to me except the candyfloss pink.

8th May, 2018

Omg the amethyst and jade are gorgeous! I would do those if I could :-)