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We Want Women Over 55 to Review Beauty Products For Us!

24 July, 2018 - 08:37pm by - First Lady | 13 Comments

posted by BR Natalie

One of the many things we love about Beauty Review is the huge variety of members.  We have people from all over the country, from all walks of life.  Rural, city.  Professionals, full-time mums.  We love that we've created a beautiful melting pot of opinions over what we love most - beauty products!

And one group we're keen to hear more from is the over 55s.   

I know my mum loves her skin care just as much as I do and yours probably does too!  What about our glam nannas who have quite literally been moisturising since before we were born?!   Our aunties, our family friends, our neighbours.  The beauty industry is packed full of products aimed at the more mature lady - and we want their reviews on them!

We need your help - and of course, WE'LL REWARD YOU!

Why not tell your mum, nanna, auntie, friends, everyone about Beauty Review and the cool things that happen here.

Copy the Unique Referral Link on your profile and share it with them via email, Facebook, text - however you like.

Once your firend has registered, fully completed their profile and uploaded a profile picture, your referral points will be credited.

You'll get:

  • 25 Beauty Points for the referral of someone under 40
  • 40 Beauty Points for the referral of someone over 40
  • 250 Beauty Points for the referral of someone over 55!

YES! If you help us with our 55+ Recruitment drive, you'll earn $25 per referral, to spend in the next Beauty Vault.  Which is coming up fast!!

Over 55 and already registered with Beauty Review?

GREAT, follow these steps and get your account up-to-date, ready for the upcoming trial selection:

  1. Sign in, and fully complete your beauty profile.   
  2. Upload your own profile picture - it can be a picture of yourself or something you love.
  3. Use the Brand Directory and find some products you've already used - and review them!

Over 55 and not yet registered with Beauty Review?

Check out our About Us page by clicking here or jump right in and Register by clicking here.

Any questions?  Ask away below, one of the Beauty Crew will answer them as soon as we can!


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31st July, 2018

On to it..sure I can find some friends to sign up :)

30th July, 2018

I've tried recruiting a few of my friends before but they don't seem keen. They don't know what they are missing!! My mum is 83, not sure she would want to either.

30th July, 2018

Managed to get My mum signed up, but haven’t seen points go up :(

17th August, 2018

Good things take time

29th July, 2018

Shared on Facebook :)

27th July, 2018

I received a pot of Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream and have used it everyday. I love it. I have white rings under my eyes not sure if this is from years of wearing sun glasses, but I look like I have panda eyes. The first thing I noticed with the Olay creme is the colour.It has a lovely caramel tinge to it and when I apply it under my eyes the panda look just disappears. This is great I thought, but as I use it more I an seeing my puffy lower eye bags disappearing also. I am so happy I got this product I find I use a pin head amount only, it blends in easily and leaves no residue, no greasy feel at all. A fabulous product, thanks Beauty Review

27th July, 2018

Hopefully some of my friends will sign up

26th July, 2018

I’ll tried. I don’t think my aunties understand how it works.

25th July, 2018

I have told my aunty about this site many times

25th July, 2018

I only have my mum and my mum-in-law, unfortunately, this is not their thing

25th July, 2018

Don't know anyone over 55 who would be keen to sign up. I know my mom is under 55 but she prefers to spend her online time playing bridge and watching informative Youtube vids to reviewing beauty products.

25th July, 2018

I'm not having much luck either. My friends over 55 avoid anything other than FB!!

25th July, 2018

I know. They get used to going to certain places online and that's it unless they're looking for information on a product they're planning to buy and searching for the best deals.

24th July, 2018

I invited my mum! :)

24th July, 2018

Hope they don’t think it’s just spam I’m sending everyone fingers crossed

25th July, 2018

Too good too be true .... was my first response

24th July, 2018

I've invited some friends :)