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We Can Get The JLo Glow! We Can Get The JLo Glow!

8 April, 2018 - 07:05pm by - Head Pixie | 16 Comments

By BR Tabatha

We Can Get The JLo Glow! We Can Get The JLo Glow! We Can Get The JLo Glow! We Can Get The JLo Glow!

No, you're jumping up and down, clapping your hands and spinning around with excitment!

Okay, I am. The crew is! The WORLD IS!

The cosmetic gods have listened and they're about to answer!!

Jennifer Lopez has collaborated with fabulous cosmetics brand, Inglot, and they're bringing out a range, YES, a range, of cosmetics.

And not just a highlighter. Or a bronzer. We are talking seventy! SEVENTY! Yep, you read that right, seventy items of makeup. We're talking mascara, lipstick, eyelashes, blush, eyeshadow and... you guessed it... bronzers and illuminators! Be still our beating hearts!


Even better, they've created a Freedom System, so you can mix and match products in order to tailor a palette that suits you. There's also a dedicated website with a countdown clock and everything so you can get a quick adrenaline rush whenever you click in and see the release day is getting closer.

Speaking of release days... the collab will go live on April 26 (we're guessing US time). For those who can't wait for the entire release an exclusive palette, inspired by the look in the advertising campaign, will be released on the website on April 17 (again, we assume this is US time).

Anyone else get a feeling this is going to be an instant hit? 

So will you be chasing down that JLo Glow? Will you be at the very least taking an interested peek? Or is the faux glow a big ol' no? Chat away!

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I'm not really into highlighters but that's probably due to the fact I have not mastered wearing them (i have 2, one I use for inner eye highlight, the other as an eyeshadow) I imagine the hype for this will be massive so I look forward to reviews and unboxing and pricing. I may get some.

I would if I knew how to use it :)

She is such a stunner, I would love her glow :)

yes totally

9th April, 2018 at 8:04 am

I always loved the way her skin glows, I'd be keen to try it if it's not too expensive

Good idea - surprising it hasn't happened earlier, actually!

Ooh I love highlighters! Might have to check them out ;)

I think this will be an instant hit and will possibly try

Can't wait to see the range... like others - I need to work on the highlighter application and use but I do like it!

I love contouring and highlighting. I love JLO . I don’t need any more make up . Only foundation and brow pencils badly.

It'll be interesting to see how it goes.

Looks pretty but not something I am into

Ooh I might have to check the range out when it is online! I would love to try some more highighters

I love the glow but I'll see how the reviews go before deciding if I need to add more things to my already long wish list of palettes and pretties.

Ooohhh love!! I actually like highlighters and have been using a stick one :) J-Lo's range sounds good though :)

I love the highlighter look and which I could pull this off so will be keen to check this out.Hopefully the range will be in my budget lol.


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