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Want Plumper, Firmer Skin Without A Needle In Sight?

14 July, 2021 - 06:18am by - Head Pixie | 66 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Many a time I have chatted to friends who've had fillers or Botox and thought 'yeah... but nooooo.' Yes, because I love the idea of having my lines plumped and my face freshened. But the ‘no’ comes from two big reasons: Needles are not my thing and are to be avoided unless absolutely necessary, and then there's the cost. Which is why I LOVE that L'Oréal Paris has created a non-invasive alternative to cosmetic procedures in the form of their new Revitalift Filler Deep Replumping SPF50 Day Moisturiser.

What magic has gone into creating this tub of goodness? Magic? How about science. L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Deep Replumping SPF50 Day Moisturiser has been scientifically developed, and is powered by three types of Hyaluronic Acid, including being enriched with their new Micro-Filler Hyaluronic Acid, which is fifty times smaller than Macro Hyaluronic Acid, meaning it goes even deeper into the skin to fill lines, restore volume and re-plump skin. It’s also formulated with UVA/UVB filters in the SPF50 broad spectrum sunscreen to help protect you against UV rays while protecting your skin’s bounce. 

Further to being scientifically developed, it’s also been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, giving a more plump and youthful appearance. An instrumental test of 23 women saw immediate hydration and locked-in moisturisation for 48 hours. A clinical test of 42 women, who used L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Deep Replumping SPF50 Day Moisturiser for four weeks, found that skin appeared plumper and ageing areas more filled, with an average of 39% reduction in crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles reduced by 35% and nasolabial lines (that's laughter lines/smile lines) of 35%.

Promising rapid absorption, a non-greasy finish, and dermatologically tested to be suitable for all skin types, L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Deep Replumping SPF50 Day Moisturiser sounds like the perfect moisturiser for those of us who want to look refreshed without committing to cosmetic procedures. Sounds like you? We need thirty Beauty Review members to trial Paris Revitalift Filler Deep Replumping SPF50 Day Moisturiser and report back their findings!

Take our survey and tell us about your skin and you could find yourself on the review panel!

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25th July, 2021

This sounds awesome, lifting and firming and SPF 50!? This is on my wish list to try for sure!

20th July, 2021

This sounds fab! I'm starting to see more fine lines, and my skin could use some plumping! Love that it has SPF in too, a huge bonus to have this included.

19th July, 2021

Oh yes! this is so me! I hate my crow's feet and laughter lines but I'm not into needles and prefer my approach to looking after my skin to be less invasive. I absolutely love that the cream is SPF50. I find it hard to find a good moisturiser that I love that also includes an SPF. I live in an area that gets lots of sun and so I really need daily SPF. I'd love to try this one and put it to the test!

19th July, 2021

This sounds just like what I need at the moment! I am absolutely terrified of needles (so anything invasive is an absolute no-go), however heading into my 30s I've become very aware of some fine lines creeping in. I'd love to give this a whirl to see how good it is at banishing those!

19th July, 2021

As I get older my skincare needs are changing, I'm always on the lookout for a great product that will provide some firming, plumping and hydration all in one :)

19th July, 2021

I love L'Oreal products so would definitely be interested in trying this one. Especially if it lives up to its claims.

19th July, 2021

SPF50 in a moisturiser that has plumping effect, sounds like the dream! Would love to be on the trial for this!

18th July, 2021

The serum is beautiful I would love to add this too see the combined difference, perfect timing with my younger sister visiting for a few months

18th July, 2021

Sounds promising that there might be a reduction in wrinkles and lines. Also excited that it is SPF50.

18th July, 2021

Oh this is the holy grail of trial teams for me! I’m 50 this year and my skin is definitely needing plumping and some help with the old sag!!!

18th July, 2021

I love that it is a non invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery and the sound of plumper and firmer skin sounds pretty good to me... especially if my laugh lines and crows feet can look a little better

18th July, 2021

Love it has added SPF

18th July, 2021

I’m in my early 50s and going through all age related facial symptoms. Have thought about Botox a few times but scared in case things go wrong. I use SPF all round the year and would love to try this product.

18th July, 2021

I love me some hyaluronic acid and am happy to find a great new product that already has it in the ingredients list. Also on the SPF buzz right now and much prefer to have it already in my products.

18th July, 2021

Took the survey, but realised last second when I already hit submit that my username got autocorrected, stupid phone! :/ Oh well, next time!


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