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Wear Your Heart on Your... Nails!

5 February, 2019 - 09:19pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments

By BR Amelia

Why wear your heart on your sleeve this Valentine's Day when you can show your love of love on your nails? We've found three videos that will help you create your most romantic nails ever - whatever your level of nail artistry. From sweet and simple to amazingly artistic. Prepare to fall head over heels!

This tutorial from SimpleNailArtDesigns is super sweet - and looks so easy that even the most nail-art shy of us could rock it. Think the ombre heart part's too hard? Stick to simple colour on colour and you'll still nail an adorable look!

Got a steady hand, a toothpick, a bit of patience and some time on your hands? Then these styles from Kelli Marissa are for you! Polka dot hearts, gorgeous roses, kisses and hearts? Our knees go all wobbly for these designs!

For those whose skills are next-level, these tutorials from cutenails manage to make what looks ridiculously hard to do seem... easy peasy. Almost. A touch of concentration, artistic flair and specialist tools are required. Or a nail technician. (Yes, we'd be taking this vid to a nail technician rather than do it ourselves - we know our beauty boundaries...)

What we love about these looks is that while they're romantic and beautiful they can be edged up to suit your style. Not a fan of pink and red? Go black and emerald green. Grey and blue. Yellow and orange, if that floats your boat. How you express your love - or anti-love - of Valentine's Day is up to you! 

So, will you be rocking a V-day manicure? Chat away!



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12th February, 2019

I can’t even keep a normal manicure on my nails so I won’t be rocking these.

11th February, 2019

Super cute! I don’t have the time or skills or patience to make this work for me though haha

10th February, 2019

Love these! Some people are super talented!

9th February, 2019

They look gorgeous. Some very clever people out there!

8th February, 2019

They’re cute but way out of my league

8th February, 2019

I might pull out the polish those are some cute looks I like the flowers

8th February, 2019

Very pretty!! Only if i had beautiful nails ; )

8th February, 2019

Beautiful designs. Unfortunately I don't have the skill, so I won't be rocking a V-day mani.

7th February, 2019

I have Valentines nails now! ….I love a V-day mani!

7th February, 2019

Gosh what cool designs. Some very talented people around. Wish I was as clever.

7th February, 2019

So pretty, some very talented people. Might go and get a V-day mani this weekend. :) thank you for the ideas.

7th February, 2019

Very nice nails, wish I could do that.

7th February, 2019

Very pretty designs. There are some clever, creative people out there.

6th February, 2019

I rock a V-day manicure every year! ... usually on all my nails

6th February, 2019

Super cute but I tend to just stick to one colour usually something with a pink/natural tone to it.I also don't have a steady hand so you can imagine the mess I would make.


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