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Two Reasons Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Use Coconut Oil!

8 March, 2020 - 06:58pm by - First Lady | 18 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Coconut oil.  My hair saviour.  My ultimate multi-tasker.  The most economical product I own.  Ahhhh.  Coconut oil.  My one-true love

But although widely touted as the cure-all for everything from stinky breath to damaged hair, coconut oil isn't for everyone.  It has two properties that might turn it from a dream product to the nightmare you can't wake up from.

1.  Coconut Oil is 50% Lauric Acid..

Lauric Acid is also naturally found in breastmilk - it's a type of Medium Chain Fatty Acid that does amazing things.  It's antibacterial, antimicrobial and promotes cellular and hormone health.  It's awesome.  So why is this a bad thing? Lauric Acid reinforces protein in the hair shaft and helps prevent protein loss from things like heat and processing damage.  Again, I hear you cry, why is being so full of good stuff bad for some hair types?

  • If you have particularly dry and coarse hair that's not badly damaged, your hair is going to be naturally full of protein, using coconut oil will stimulate protein production, essentially over-protein-ing your har and leaving it feeling hard.
  • Lauric Acid might also be incompatible with your other hair care products - if you're using products with added proteins or panthenol (a form of Vitamin B5) you'll probably find your hair left feeling really stiff and unhealthy.  Either your regular products need to go, or the Coconut Oil does.

2.  Coconut Oil is highly comedogenic.

On the Oil Comedogenic Scale an oil rated 0 won't block pores.  An oil rated 5, well you might as well slap chip fat on your face and block your pores that way.  Can you see where this is going?  My beloved Coconut Oil rates a...4.  

If you use Coconut Oil as a cleanser, moisturiser or hair mask and begin to suffer from breakouts or an overly oily scalp, it's probably the Coconut Oil that's to blame.  Like wise if you have acne or are prone to breakouts, approach coconut oil on your skin with extreme caution.

So, yes, for different people and different reasons, Coconut Oil is a wonder-product, powefully providing solutions to all kinds of beauty dilemnas.  But, before you go slathering your hair and skin in it arm yourself with the above knowledge, and do a patch test first!

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8th June, 2020

I have been using coconut oil for years to remove my heavy eye makeup before I cleanse my face which personally works well for me. I find it less harsh than other makeup removers and my foam cleanser removes any excess oil.

4th May, 2020

I dont like the smell of it so isnt something I have used

3rd May, 2020

I used it as a shaving cream alternative until I realised it blocks the drain! I've heard a lot of good things about coconut oil pulling for whiter teeth...

18th April, 2020

Love coconut oil for my body but never my face!!!

7th April, 2020

The only done side I find is actually getting it to wash out of my hair

7th April, 2020

After reading this article (about how Coconut Oil can make the hair hard )it makes so much sense to me now as to why it wasn’t working for me. All my friends raved about how great it is for your hair but it left my hair looking like straw.

4th April, 2020

Wow, this is so interesting! I have some Hass coconut hair oil. I wonder if this is the same!

29th March, 2020

Wow didnt know this. So helpful!

28th March, 2020

Wow. Ok learnt something new here =)

16th March, 2020

I tend to only use coconut oil for cooking/baking these days

16th March, 2020

I know a lot of people like using coconut oil but i've never used it myself.

12th March, 2020

I'll always use coconut oil, no matter what.

11th March, 2020

I've never tried coconut oil, never really understood the hype. I have oily skin and get a lot of acne at times, so definitely wouldn't want to be using anything comodogenic.

11th March, 2020

Interesting, did not realise this.

10th March, 2020

I’m so glad I didn’t jump on that coconut oil band wagon lol



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