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Treat Yourself! V-Day's Not Just For Couples!

12 February, 2019 - 06:47pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Tabatha

What do you imagine when you think 'Valentine's Day'? 

I imagine couples staring into each other's eyes over a restaurant table.

Or two people walking hand-in-hand down a stretch of sand. 

Or a woman's (or man's) hand fluttering to her chest as she breathlessly says 'yes, I will', her eyes not leaving the dazzling rock that has been thrust before her.

You know what the problem is with all of the above? It requires another person. Two people. A couple. It's like if you're not attached then Valentine's Day isn't for you. Well I call a big load of hooey on that. Valentine's Day is for ALL. And just because you're not in a relationship it doesn't mean you can't show yourself some love, because self-love is the best love of all.

And the greatest way to show some self-love - in my consumerist beauty-loving opinion - is to TREAT YOURSELF! 

Valentine's Day is the BEST excuse to buy a little something you've had your eye on and haven't been able to quite justify. 

So what's on our love list? Check these pretties out...

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love

Yes, you could buy yourself a bouquet on V-Day, or you could level up and buy yourself a beautiful perfume that will last a whole lot longer than a vase of flowers. Our pick? Marc Jacobs Daisy Love. Because, well, it's got the word 'love' in it and it features the iconic Daisy, both of which make it very Valentine's Day worthy. 

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Collector

Want to own something that's nearly as special as you are? This limited edition lippie from Yves Saint Laurent may well tick that box. How cute is that packaging? Cute, and yet it's still sophisticated and gorgeous and as wantable and wonderful as you are! 

Milani Flowers of Love

Ah, the sweet flush of romantically self-loving yourself. (Erm, that came out a little more risque than intended... but, ykwim.) How beautiful is this trio of blushes from Milani? And wait... it's called Flowers of Love, making it the perfect pressie to gift one's self.

Essie Lovie Dovie

What better excuse for a pedicure/manicure pamper sesh than V-Day? Pop on a rom-com (or any movie or tv series that floats your boat), then soak, clip, file and buff your toe and fingernails to perfection, then pop a little Essie Lovie Dovie on them and spend the rest of the day admiring your gorgeous self.

Evolu Seeds of Love

Smother yourself in love from top to toe with Evolu's Seeds of Love Superflora Dry Oil. Created to be used on your hair, body and face, it's designed to nourish, smooth, hydrate and repair and includes divine ingredients such as camellia, kawakawa, grapeseed and more. Swoon.

Linden Leaves - Spiced Mandarin

You don't need any old someone whispering sweet nothings into your ear, not when this fabulous candle from Linden Leaves can tell you how great you are, not just on Valentine's Day but on every day of the year! (Pro upcycle tip - once the candle's done its dash use the jar to hold your makeup brushes/eyeliners/mascaras/lipsticks.) 

So will you be treating yourself this Valentine's Day? Or do you lean towards 'V-Day? No way!'



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22nd February, 2019

I lean towards V-day most days. Never say no to breakfast out with hubby any day and buy myself little treats all the time.

20th February, 2019

We went for breakfast . It turned out bad!! They forgot our meal an hour later .. My partner was not happy :( My breakfast date turned bad

18th February, 2019

We had a holiday booked so kinda yup, treated

18th February, 2019

Just treat yo self

16th February, 2019

Sure did! I treated myself to new PA pajamas

15th February, 2019

No way to V day, but always yes to treating yo self!!

15th February, 2019

I can treat myself any day, but I am married and neither myself or my husband like Valentine's Day. We don't like the gift giving thing, but enjoy kind gestures from one another.

14th February, 2019

The YSL rouge looks pretty.. and yes i could do with some ‘Seeds of love’ right now hahahaha =D. Definitely should treat ourselves for Valentines day ;D

14th February, 2019

Or... should i say.. it’s a good excuse to treat ourselves hehehehe ;)

13th February, 2019

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for me to treat myself! But maybe it’s a good time for me to get that perfume I’ve been wanting.

13th February, 2019

It doesn't need to be Valentine's day! Haven't treated myself for a few weeks now though so might need to get cracking.

13th February, 2019

Agreed! Lol.

13th February, 2019

I treat myself every week to something just for me. Ranges from face masks or Even if it's just sitting at the river kid free. I do really like the candle tho tbh.

13th February, 2019

Haha love the candle.

13th February, 2019

I'll treat myself any day of the year. Last year Sephora had one of the best GWP I have come across with 2 choices of boxes of minis of either skincare or makeup if spent quite a bit. I definitely treated myself and if they hold the same special I'll be treating myself again.

13th February, 2019

It doesn't need to be Valentines does it? Haha I treat myself anyway

13th February, 2019

Love the look of the blushes. I want to experiment more with them but am intimidated by the possibility of clown cheeks!

13th February, 2019

I was like that once upon a time, but the key is to just use a light hand, have a fluffy brush handy if you think you have applied too much to blend it out and of course, proper lighting. I like to apply my blush in front of a mirror sitting

13th February, 2019

on the window sill so I can see how much I'm applying in daylight.


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