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The best concealers as rated by New Zealanders!

25 June, 2018 - 08:37pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

Compiled by BR Kellie

Where would we be without concealer? It's a handy thing to have on hand. It's zaps the look of zits. Hides away redness or pigmentation. It can even help to highlight your skin by brightening up areas like the under eyes, nose, chin and forehead. It's a little tube of magic. Of course, not all magic works as well as others - so which concealers get the Top Rated* tick from our fabulous Beauty Review members? Check these out...

8. LA Girl HI DEF Pro Concealer

They say:  Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. 

You say:  I adore the LA Girl Pro Concealers! For the price they are amazing! They are sheer to med coverage. I use a lighter one to brighten my under eyes and highlight my face, then use a darker one for my contour as they are very blendable. Because of the price, these concealers in various shades -along with the correctors - are an awesome addition to my kit.

BR Member - Paea


7. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

They say:  Active Formula and Micro-Corrector Applicator erase dark circles, puffiness and fine lines instantly. Awarded the 2012 Gold Good Housekeeping Seal in Beauty & Anti-Aging.

• Micro-Corrector Applicator micro-fills and smoothes.
• Active formula with Haloxyl reduces the look of puffiness and shadows while fading the appearance of under-eye circles.
• Apply neutralizer shade for extreme dark circles.
• Brightener shade adds a luminous touch.

You say:  This little tube is like Michelangelo painting a fresco on your face. It lights up my face like a halo but not in a too-much-highlighter way. The little sponge applicator applies a luminous veil over your darkest (eye) days. I've also used it to cover blemishes really effectively. It took me a while to find as word has spread of its miraculous properties so I recommend grabbing it on sight. It really is one of these 'great drugstore finds' we all love finding.

BR Member - preppynz



6. e.l.f Maximum Coverage Concealer Oil-Free

They say:  Maximum Coverage Concealer provides blendable, wearable, customizable coverage for body and face. The Oil Free formula is perfect for hiding tattoos, birth marks, dark circles, blemishes, scars and more. Highly pigmented for for long-lasting, ultimate coverage and confidence! For extended wear, finish with the e.l.f.

You say:  I use this to cover my under eye circles and some light blemishes, and it does the job great! It has a smooth creamy formula and blends well into the skin for a natural finish. The bottle is huge for a concealer (which I LOVE!) and the squeeze tip applicator is very sanitary and great to use.I would for sure recommend this to everyone, it's a great product for under eye circles and blemishes, and best of all only costs $10!

BR Member - eringracem


5. Nars Creamy Concealer

They say:  Coveted by artists for its luxurious texture and luminous finish, new Radiant Nars Creamy Concealer evens skin with lightweight medium to high build-able coverage. Enriched with hydrating, multi-action skincare benefits and light diffusing technology, it creates a softer, smoother complexion while instantly obscuring imperfections and diminishing fine lines and signs of fatigue.

You say: It is quite a thick concealer but it's creamy enough to use under the eyes as well as using for blemishes. It blends well and even highlights the undereye area slightly. It doesn't crease under the eyes for me at all and blends in with my foundation really well!

BR Member - hyacinthgirlbeauty


4. YSL Radiant Touch/Touche Eclat Highlighter Pen

They say:  Capture 8 hours of sleep with the click of a pen. With a few strategic strokes of this award-winning complexion highlighter—dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue virtually disappear. Powered by the radiance-boosting Luminocaptide Complex, skin is instantly illuminated, so you look rested and refreshed—even if you’ve been up for hours. Sleek and sophisticated, it discretely slips into a makeup bag for quick touch-ups anytime. It’s the one beauty essential no woman should ever be without.

You say:  A simple must. It tricks everyone into thinking you are fully rested when you have been up all night, my absolute favourite makeup without any doubt. I have colour 2 and apply it under my eyes every morning and it'll last all day. I like that its light enough as to appear as natural as possible, doesn't even look like I have any makeup on! Thus achieving the elusive, makeup- no makeup look. Win.

BR Member - aimz4236


3. NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil

They say:  Wonder Pencil…the essential pencil that fulfills all of your beauty desires. Conquer 3 critical make-up tasks with one product: CONCEAL flaws and blemishes with creamy precision; LINE your lips against lipstick bleeding and fading; and BRIGHTEN your eyes along the water line. Will wonders never cease? Not with the Wonder Pencil in your bag!

You say:  It hits the right balance between being creamy and blendable, but not so much that it slides right off. It works for concealing, highlighting, reverse lining the lips, and brightening the eyes. I can't recommend it enough.

BR Member - ashie



2. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

They say:  A lightweight fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish. Colour-true formula lasts up to 15 hours. Helps conceal and correct the look of under-eye circles, and discolorations.

You say:  This is a cult product and I can see why. I'm on my second bottle already. It is one of the few products that lives up to its 15 hour claim. I've found it doesn't crease and even though the shade I have is marginally "darker" than my foundation, it does appear lighter on my skin and brightens the under eye area, and there's certainly some dark eyes to hide a lot of the time! I set this with a damp beautyblender and some Laura Mercier translucent powder and spend my day looking awake when secretly, I'm asleep at my desk.

BR Member - alikat

And the number one Top Rated concealer, beloved by Beauty Review members is...

1. Collection Cosmetics Concealer

They say:  Collection Cosmetics Concealer conceals flaws, imperfectionsand blemishes for up to 16 hours. Water resistent and transfer proof available in Light, Fair, Medium and Dark.

You say:  This concealer is AMAZING for the price. I have quite fair skin and the lightest shade works really well for me, it works extremely well on any redness or blemishes as it is quite full coverage. I have been through 2 bottles and I never feel guilty buying more because it is so cheap! If you are new to makeup and want to try new things out this concealer would be perfect for you as it has amazing quality and is super cheap!

BR Member - Abby_Allison


So there you have it! The eight most loved concealers as rated by YOU. Did your favourite make the list? Have you just added a new 'must have' to your wish list? 


* Products reach Top Rated once they've achieved twenty or more reviews with an overall average rating of 4/5 or more.

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I really need a foundation great for my olivish complexion maybelline might just be what I need thanks guys:)

The Maybelline could be worth a try. I haven't yet come across a concealer or corrector that completely covers darks circles and doesn't crease. Any tips would be fantastic :-)

Yes the main thing I use concealer for is under the eyes but finding one that doesn't crease is a mission.

26th June, 2018 at 3:44 pm

I'm going to check Farmers or the local chemist and hunt down the Maybelline age rewind, I also use Maybelline foundation so it may be a good match.

26th June, 2018 at 5:58 pm

#4 and #5 are my favorites!!

I love the maybelline age rewind. I was so disappointed when I went to farmers to repurchase they didn't have the light available.. actually the whole maybelline shelf there was a mess so I just grabbed another maybelline cheapie to hold me down until I can get my hands on it. It's a really good one for the price you pay.

Maybelline is now on my wish list .

Bookmarking this page as I need to get a new concealer but since it's one of those things like foundation where you need to find a good match. I need to find a good under eye concealer for my NC25 skin tone. And often times the warehouse or supermarket doesn't have testers. :-(

Is this ranked with the #1 being the best rated of all? :) I haven't seen the #1 concealer before but it sounds like it's worth a try!

I think that's a brand from Countdown supermarket

26th June, 2018 at 5:11 pm

Collection Cosmetics is from Countdown?

26th June, 2018 at 8:42 pm

Yes collection cosmetics is fantastic! I would love to try the Maybelinne one too.

I love that the majority of this are affordable prices - need one to cover my dark under eyes and red spots

I love a good concealer. I'm using a Maybelline one that I really like. It's not the one in the article though.

oh wow! I have not tried any of these ! Great article BR I will keep this in mind. I Have a pallet of consealer it is not fantastic. It does have lots of shades in it maybe ideal for cream contouring but I usually use powder for that.

A few for the must have list.

Nope, my usual concealer (Revlon) didn’t make the list, but now that I’ve read that list, I might be going to get me some of #7!! Love anything that can cover up dark circles, and I like the look of that age rewind eraser! In fact, might have to make a stop at shops on way home today to get me some!

I've use the LA girl concealers, I think they're ok for the price

Might have to try the Collection Cosmetics concealer out as currently using LA girl in the day time which is pretty good but just gives a light coverage so I tend to use a heavier one,Thin Lizzy brand which does the job very well.


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