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Three Ways To Send Off The End Of Summer Sads.

7 April, 2019 - 07:17pm by - Head Pixie | 19 Comments

By BR Tabatha

If you're a summer lover this time of year can be... distressing*, to say the least. The cooler mornings, the shorter days, the purply tipped fingers, well, it's enough to get a sun-bunny down.

So how can we say sayonara to Summer in a way that won't leave us weeping for the warmer weather? It's time to practice a little self care... Check out these three tips and tricks!

Keep a positive frame of mind. We believe in silver linings here at BRHQ. Even those of us who are foes of the wintry months. So what makes winter bearable? Hot chocolates loaded with marshmallows. They taste better when it's cold out. New boots. Snuggly scarves. Walking into a heated room on a frosty day. Cheese toasties and soup. Baths filled with fragrant things. Kicking piles of autumnal leaves into the air... You get the picture! 

Get amongst it. Ever tried rugging up in wet weather gear for a spot of puddle jumping during summer? It's hot, sticky and not a lot of fun. In winter? It's a blast! You can run around leaping into puddles and making the biggest splashes without getting all sweaty, then you can go home and have a lovely long hot bath or shower. It's the best fun a grown up can, with the added bonus of making you feel young again! If puddle jumping's not your thing then try a brisk walk, a jog if you're game, a bit of bush walking, a stroll down a wind-swept, empty beach. Get out there, breathe, release those happy chemicals.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Shine Compulsion in 'Baddest Beige'

And if all else fails? Treat yourself! If you've got your gloomy boots on over the end of the golden weather, then buy yourself something pretty, something that makes you smile, something that makes you feel good. Our pick? You can't beat a lipstick! They don't have to cost the earth, and they can instantly lift your look and enhance your mood. Lipstick not your thing? Pick up a perfume, book yourself in for a facial or massage. Take yourself off to the movies. You get the picture...

So are you looking forward to the cooler months? Have you got your dread on? How do you deal when all you want to do is huddle under your duvet? Get chatting, because sharing is caring!



* If you're experiencing symptoms that align with Seasonal Affective Disorder, please talk to a health professional.



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15th August, 2019

I like the coats and boots. But have to say im sick of the rain 9f cold weather

6th May, 2019

There are things I enjoy about the cooler months. Currently having hot flushes [thanks menopause] so the cooler temperatures are most welcome. I love the chilly clear mornings, my favourite time of the day.

28th April, 2019

Yes seasonal depression is real or winter blues. Rug up with friends and do movies.

23rd April, 2019

I’m all about the cold season. Means I can be lazy and not shave my legs .

21st April, 2019

Ooooooh I do like that lipstick. I don’t mind hibernating for a while. Nice snuggling with hubby and eating winter warmers.

18th April, 2019

I struggle in winter brrr it’s hard on my skin especially my hands and face. Some aspects are nice though.

8th April, 2019

I am a winter fan! Rainy days, warm cuddly days in bed. Hearty meals. Dark lippies. Driving through puddles!! There is a lot to look forward too

8th April, 2019

Winter is not my favourite season, don't like the colder weather, but I love our snuggly warm sheepskin electric blanket!

8th April, 2019

Not a fan of winter but do like a nice winter coat.

8th April, 2019

I'm not looking forward to the colder months, but I'm looking forward to some nice warm baths! That's the only part of winter I love!

8th April, 2019

I actually don't mind the season changing from summer - autumn can be lovely and winter is yes cold, but all the better for cruddy weekends camping out in the lounge and watching movies!! Loving the Maybelline lippy though! My kinda shade might have to buy it hehe+

8th April, 2019

I love the rain and the louder the better snuggled up nice and warm by the fire reading a good book ahh such bliss :-)

8th April, 2019

I love the winter months...the snuggly chunky jerseys, the woollie hats and 8am starts on Saturday for my kiddos rugby (this one isn't such a favourite! ...but I have stylish gumboots to wear to the games that make things better!)

8th April, 2019

Frosty mornings - 4s and snow or the days that it don't get above 5 degrees. It's fair enough to say iam not a fan of winter. To make it thro I have to crank the fire. Long hot baths. Thicker socks in the gumboots. Hurry up summer come back. I'm more of a fan of river swimming shorts and singlets.

8th April, 2019

Autumn is my fav season. Crunchy leaves, baths, snuggly beds, beanies, scarfs, boots, gloves....sigh. cool crisp nights and sunny days. Perfection.

8th April, 2019

I agree, and autumn has pretty colours. I like spring too - everything looks yellow, my favourite colour :)

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